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I received 4 emails from 4 different CHASE outsourcers in the past 5 days, see one below


Please be advised, SERVICELINK is REO Management Outsourcer for Chase Bank.  Chase has provided your name and contact information to SERVICELINK for consideration of being added to their REO Agent Network.


I spoke to one of the vendor managers, they said Chase wants more REO agents because they will only assign asset (REO's) to agents in a five mile radius from your office address. Has anybody else received these emails.

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Congrats!  Care to share who the 6 (or any) Outsourcers are?  Merry Christmas.

Here are a few!

REO World, Green River Capital, NREOB, Atlas REO, Precision Asset Management, PMH & New Vista Asset Management

After one phone interview, a follow up call about two months ago to re apply. I have been contacted by 4 different companies as well with a email that reads "Chase has provided your name and contact information"  "    "    "    ". Any word on what I may expect, or is it just a waiting game?

After they review your information, they will either sign you up or put you on a wait list, depending on the saturation of agents in your area, need and inventory.


Good luck!

Yes I have as well about 6 months ago.  A couple weeks ago I did get my first listing from NRT
Lucky you and good luck
Do you have an email address or link for them?
Where do you apply with Chase?  I checked their website but no information available on REO broker sign up.
I got my first Chase listing from PMH this year.


Congratulations to you Lou. I have been signed on with servicelink for 3 years and haven't gotten much work from them. I called them last week to find out what happened. Now they are becoming more pro active in my area.

Servicelink is going to be doing PNC Bank, AKA National City Bank.

I have been working with Default Servicing LLC for a few years now. They have handle all of PNC Banks assets up until this point. I still have several with them. Are they getting pulled from them or just expanding outsourcers? Just curious where you got your info from.


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