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Has anyone worked with Chronos Solutions? How much out of pocket do they expect the agent to spend? I have been accepted by Chronos, they say listing are giving according to proximity is this true and does Chronos get it listing from HUD?

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I listed a home for them last spring. Their process for submitting expenses was so convoluted it was insane. Spent many many hours trying to be reimbursed for utilities. Cant say that I would recommend working for them. I probably only had the opportunity as it was in an under served rural area. Doubt I would work with them again. Maybe if they offered a full commission which I seriously doubt would happen. If you are working with chronos now Im sure you are used to the expense denied emails!

Thak you for your reply..

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Utility bills as you know are not the difficult to submit unless the client has a messed up system. 


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