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Clear Capital background check and its $39.50 charge to do so.

I received an email from Clear Capital stating that they need to run a background check in order to receive assignments. It also said I needed to do so by August 23, 2013. with that said is it to late to do the background check and is it worth doing so? I have paid in the past with other co. and never received anything in return with the exception of FAS but it was a bpo to cover my reinstatement fees to sign up for another year. I didn't pay again. Please advise.

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I like Clear Capital becuz their software is reliable and easy to fill in & they pay like clockwork on about the 8th of every month.  Never had a problem with them.

I agree Elias. I LOVE Clear Capital. I was a little upset about the required background check, because in Texas have to be fingerprinted and this done anyway, so having to do it again ON MY NICKLE was a little irritating but I did it because of the time frame I have been accepting orders with them and the quick pay. IT DID NOT bring my credit score down when they did it, so I don't know why it would on anyone else's Same Shueh.

Why do we need background checks. To be licensed they check our backgrounds. I will pass on another check nothing to hide but will pass on paying for it.

Same sceanrio with every BPO provider requesting BGCs - Lower volume then in the past then Back Ground Check and always by this mysterious Client.  ????????????????????????????

I have told Clear Capital that I won't do the background because our State already does a full background check to get our license and asks every time we renew about our background.  If we are found to be lying on application and renewals we can loose our licenses.

Same sceanrio with every BPO provider requesting BGCs - Lower volume then in the past then Back Ground Check and always by this mysterious Client.  ????????????????????????????

I don't mind the checks as I have already submitted to several with other companies in the past but most were for a very low fee or did not cost me anything.  I have worked for Clear Capital for years but just have been asked for the check this year.  I agree with others that I have a background check on file that must be submitted along with my state brokers license.  I don't mind sharing this with those I work for.     

I received a call and an e-mail as how many BPOs that I can do a day as well as asking for the fee  to run a background check. I have done BPOs for Clear Capital .They pay on time. I agreed to run a check  and paid the fees. I received a copy of it and they approved. Only difference is there were other companies like JMA  who got permission to run but they were free and I didn't have to pay. 

They must be having alot of agents refusing. I signed up with them a few years ago. For the first 18 months I never got a single order. later I got a few but they were always way out of my service area. Many were on Indian Pueblos, where I won't go. Most have strict rules about photograghy on their land and anytime I go for an art show or something I aways leave my cameras in the trunk. Ever since they started this background check thing I've been getting several orders from them in my service area. I just ignore them because I agree withn everyone that says ourv state requires one for license renewal and that should be enough.

I totally agree that they shouldn't be doing background checks on Realtors. Some REO companies and BPO companies are requesting for background checks which only started a few months ago. Some big REO Companies are running not only criminal checks but also for Drugs. 

Same sceanrio with every BPO provider requesting BGCs - Lower volume then in the past then Back Ground Check and always by this mysterious Client.  ???????????????????????????? This will add absolutely nothing to the fraud that the BPO providers think is out there.  The simple truth is THE BPO PROVIDERS ARE ALL IN VIOLATION OF THE LAW.  MOST STATES SAY IT IS ILLEGAL TO PAY ANYONE BUT THE BROKER FOR SERVICES THAT REQUIRE A REAL ESTATE LICENSE. The reason for this is it is the brokers responsibility to oversee all actions of the salespeople under their license.  Yes there is fraud out there but the background check will do absolutely nothing to resolve the issue PLUS it is not a requiredment from ANY legislation.

I thought it was pretty funny that I hadnt seen any Clear Capital orders come thru since April this year  then when I did not jump on the whole get your back ground check done before Aug 23 deadline I got a few bites around the time it was due which was pretty great timing considering now I cant do the orders UNTIL i have the back ground check done pretty comical these guys are and I do mean comical.


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