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Clear Capital background check and its $39.50 charge to do so.

I received an email from Clear Capital stating that they need to run a background check in order to receive assignments. It also said I needed to do so by August 23, 2013. with that said is it to late to do the background check and is it worth doing so? I have paid in the past with other co. and never received anything in return with the exception of FAS but it was a bpo to cover my reinstatement fees to sign up for another year. I didn't pay again. Please advise.

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Clear Capital is an excellent company and I also had to have a background check. Also did one for Service LInk (formerly lsi-lps). This is becoming a common practice. I understand that several BPO providers have gone together now and share background information for common BPO agents.   Just the cost of doing business. may even be a tax write off!

Have had zero problems with Clear Capital whatsoever--had my background check last year and have done more than enough business with them to counter the small fee. Impeccable in regards to vendor payments and now pay twice a month through Dwolla.

I have ignored those requests and keep having more work in my dashboard than I can handle..... for all that's worth...

I do quite a number of BPO's for Clear Capital. I was requested to get a background check and I declined over a year ago and to date, I keep getting assignments.  

The way I see it is, if you had a background check prior to getting your license, then why should you not be trusted to do these tasks? Obviously, they should know this. It's a way for them to get out of a potential liability and put all the blame on the agent.

As if we don't shell out enough on all our fees and dues! The industry is bleeding us! LOL 

What is the big deal about background checks???? I think it is a good idea and have no problem providing one, it is only 40 bucks -- a cost of doing business

I thought as realtor's we obtained our real estate license to list and sell homes and not

pay $40 for background checks to collect money on a $40 BPO order.

What a waste of time and energy to complete bpo orders for any company that

does not potentially assign reo properties. Cost of doing what business?

That is a joke. Just a thought!

I'm currently doing about 5-10  BPOs and CMAs a week at an average of about $150 a piece, many over $200.  Squeeze in a few of the $40-75 ones when convenient.  Not a waste of my time.  It's part of my business.   Definitely not a joke.  Just a thought. 

I agree. We each make our own decisions. I only do exteriors and generally get $65 on average. I get as high as $95 and I'll do some as low as $50, depending on volume and distance. I wish I could get $150. Some weeks I get a lot, others very little, but if I can do 4-6 in a day for $65-95 each that's not a bad day.


Who are the companies paying $200/BPO?

Any company sending you an email inquiry sets you up for negotiations. They generally offer a very low fee and I test them from there. 

I signed up with CC ten(10) years ago and was in their top tier agent list.  About three years ago they decided to implement the CME program (Certified Marketing Expert).  I was not selected for their program most likely due to another agent having better answers to the "High Profile Client"  they were getting. I was doing about 75-100 BPO's a month from them and earned my ranking only to become non-existent or appreciated for my tenure with CC.  At the end of the day, you are only as good as your last BPO.  Bitter I am not, Appalled at the lack of appreciation from CC. I told them to delete my profile especially after several calls from the vendor panel trying to make a poor attempt to explain their reasoning in the CME program.  I told them how they would feel if after 9 years of service making a large portion of your livelihood suddenly taken away.  I also told them if this program was going to take away someone else income that I would not be able to live with myself taking the food off their table.  So in the end, CC had no loyalty to me or my tenure. 


I would bet money that the agents who are giving good comments to CC about the background check are the ones that were selected for the CME. 


It seems every BPO company is trying to get more money from us requiring background checks. Hello....why can't there be one central background check that once an agent has paid a fee, any BPO company can go to the site and view our background check.  In my opinion, the BPO companies are most likely getting a kick-back from this fee. 






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