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Clear Capital background check and its $39.50 charge to do so.

I received an email from Clear Capital stating that they need to run a background check in order to receive assignments. It also said I needed to do so by August 23, 2013. with that said is it to late to do the background check and is it worth doing so? I have paid in the past with other co. and never received anything in return with the exception of FAS but it was a bpo to cover my reinstatement fees to sign up for another year. I didn't pay again. Please advise.

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I was in the same situation as you, Debra, and felt the same way.  But I didn't mind doing the BGC anyway.  I take an order now and then from CC but very few come my way.

save the results of the background check from Clear Capital on your computer.  You can use this background check from Clear Capital with several other companies and you won't have to pay their fees.

It's principal to me.  That's how I live my life.  Don't want to work for a company that did what they did to me.  I work for other BPO companies who value my worth.  Good luck.

I need to know why would anyone submit all their personal information to AN OFFSHORE BUSINESS!!!!!!!!  I started to complete the BC for Clear Capital.  I was trying to get back into the site and  was unable to login.  When I called the number the persons english was so poor I asked if they were located in the US. They said they were not and then gave me another number to whoever was working with ClearCapital.  She too was heavily accented and it was obvious english is not her primary first language.  When I asked if there was a web site I could go to and track my progress she said there is not one and I have to call the telephone number.   This is just wronng.  Sterling is located in India.   So when we give the information we are furnishing it to a country that we really have absolutely no control over and they can do whatever they want with our information once this background check crap is no longer required or even immediately after we furnish the information?????   I don't know about the rest of you but I have a big problem furnishing SS numbers as well as Credit card numbers to someone in a country such as India.

I just discussed this with Clear Capital.  Basically I found out the Sterling Background Check company is OWNED BY ONE OF THE TOP 3 BANKS!  They wouldn't say which one  AND THERE IS AN INDIA CONNECTION AND SOME OF OUR PERSONAL INFORMATION IS INDEED BEING SENT TO INDA!!!!!!!! 

India? That's appalling. CC has always been my favorite to work with. I didn't mind the Background check as I was their preferred agent in my area. I was told. Wonder why I didn't hear about the CME?? Hmmmm. Oh well, no matter now. I'm retiring. Yayyyyy. Good bye BPO's :) it's been an awesome ride.
Good Luck to all you guys. Realtors are the hardest working people on the planet! Wish me luck. ..I'm ready to go. So so ready! Make a million! !! You deserve it.


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