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Had two emails from CC this morning. Both for Property Inspections.
They were only paying $15 each.
They made sure to indicate that "no comps" were needed to complete the inspection.
But you still need to drive out to the property and take photos.
In reading the fine print I noticed that if a property is in a Gated Community to try to gain access. If needed, gain access by searching the mls for another listing within the Gated Community to get in. I don't know how it is in other States, but I'm pretty sure that here in California that if you get caught without a valid reason or by the homeowner that you are doing the Property Inspection on that you could very easily be arrested for trespassing on private property. 
But anyways, $15 for a Property Inspection and still have to drive out to the property to take photos. No thank you. I'll pass.

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You would be arrested in Florida as well.

$15.00! Great! How much is gas? Gain access by using another MLS Listing is trespassing! $15.00 tell them not to contact you again.

I received two emails from CC today about completing two inspections. Four photos, plus any damage. One for $20 and one 'rush' for $25. I got luckily, a few minutes drive and around the corner from each other.  Gated community? I live in rural northwest Ohio, the only gates are on farmer lanes....

$45.oo is my fee for inspections

I did accept about 6 inspections at once near my house for $15-25 dollars each from Clear Capital, but I won't drive too far for $15 bucks.

I know it's hard. But read the BPO directions every time. Sometimes special instructions will advise on how to gain access. In some cases a picture of the gate, surrounding roads and street sign can work for the pictures. A simple  note in the report can explain why no access was given for subject pictures. I have also had lenders give me  a letter for access. In the past I have been in remote rural locations where the subject is located off the paved road. I did not feel safe! I took pictures of the location and completed the report. In most directions it states "do not contact" and to be safe. I would think if you are breaking the law to get pictures, it's not safe."

I have noticed the same thing with CC.  Volume way down

I get $25-35 for inspection but will not travel more than 10 imiles.

So, is the purpose of these "inspections" so that they can provide an automated valuation with some system? I worry all BPOs will go to something where we only do inspection and take photos, then they do the rest with automated systems. 


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