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Had two emails from CC this morning. Both for Property Inspections.
They were only paying $15 each.
They made sure to indicate that "no comps" were needed to complete the inspection.
But you still need to drive out to the property and take photos.
In reading the fine print I noticed that if a property is in a Gated Community to try to gain access. If needed, gain access by searching the mls for another listing within the Gated Community to get in. I don't know how it is in other States, but I'm pretty sure that here in California that if you get caught without a valid reason or by the homeowner that you are doing the Property Inspection on that you could very easily be arrested for trespassing on private property. 
But anyways, $15 for a Property Inspection and still have to drive out to the property to take photos. No thank you. I'll pass.

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 I always pass on those.

I only take those if I'm already going in that direction and they don't want a value on top of a property description. Some of these companies call it an inspection but want a value so you still have to do research!  I don't remember if CC does that. 

Anytime I get an inspection request I try to renegotiate to a minimum of $20 if only photos and a short form with no value. Or, I charge a few extra dollars ($25) for a stated value without comps because if still involves a few minutes of research. The $15 wouldn't be bad if they give multiple properties with a good/easy driving route, and again, no value required.

Lynn, are you ever successful with negotiation of a fee with Clear Capital?

Depends on driving distance. If it's within 2 miles I would take it. Sometimes if it's in a gated community I can follow someone in but that's rare. Some companies will allow you to contact homeowner to gain access past the gate. You can ask them.

I usually don't take those Clear Capital property inspections for $15 unless they are really close by. Other companies pay $25-$40 for me for the same type of drive-by inspection without a value.

which companies do you recommend?

I will not take any exterior below $40.00 : Our time is precious. Think about it. CC is insulting our group.

40.00???  I wont do any exterior below 55 anymore.  My interiors are at 80

Clear Capital BPOs' they have serious declined in volume. From 10/12 a month to 1 average. Anyone else noticing the same?

I sometimes work in a very rural area with properties that are often very far apart.  Sometimes I get a BPO request where I have to drive "miles" and in some very rural areas to complete them.  Now, I will refuse unless the fee is high enough.  It is not worth the gas and wear and tear.  If they aren't willing to work with me, I decline completely. I usually can negotiate a price.....but sometimes I just wont do it.  Sometimes I think they just don't understand the area and terrain in some areas...and you have to explain it to them.

I'm in a similar situation. There can be an order just around the corner or 80 miles away. Sometimes I will have these BPO companies calling me because they can't get any of the other local agents who will take the long distance orders. This is why I've gotten to where I like taking the Valuation Vision desktop orders. They only pay $15, but I don't have to drive anywhere and only take an hour to do. The only complaints I have with them is that they take 60 to 90 days to pay and sometimes they make desktop orders available that you might accept, but end up canceling one or two of them on you before you even get to start on the order. 


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