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Any one know of commercial mortgage servicer's that assign commercial BPOs or BOVs leading to commercial REOs or site addresses to sign up with leading powerhouses commercial department?

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Don't know why you would want to do commercial BOV's? They don't pay like they use to. I'm a commercial broker and I would rather do residential BPO's. I would make more on a couple of residential BPO's than on one commercial BOV. A residential BPO takes less time and way much more easier to do. The last commercial BOV that was offered to me was by Green River Capital for an exterior valuation and it only paid $125. I use to get $250. You also have to have access to Costar/LoopNet to complete commercial BOV's. CARETS Commercial won't cut it for comps. Commercial REO's are only dished out to top commercial brokerages like CBC, M&M, Lee & Assoc and so on. If you are currently working in a commercial brokerage your broker should be telling you to not even bother trying to get commercial BOV's. The money now to be made in commercial is in leasing and getting small to mid-sized listings. The 100+ sf buildings aren't moving unless you are in a state where California companies are moving to as they flee California.   

So Willy! Does that mean you don't know any companies? Thanks for the other info, very helpful.

Green River Capital, InsideValuation, Clear Capital and a couple of other residential BPO companies ask you if you can also do commercial BPO's when you sign up with them. CC when I last saw was only paying $75 for an exterior BOV. GRC is one of the hardest to get commercial BPO's from because you have to pass a sample commercial valuation just to get considered and then they expect you to do a couple of valuations for them for free to see how well you do.
As for commercial REO's, unless you are with a big box commercial brokerage or you are the only commercial broker in a small town, you are not going to get any. 

Reetesh were you successful in getting commercial BOVs?


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