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Hello Team


Below is the e-mail I got yesterday. If some one is interested in doing Commercial BPO.


Are commercial BPOs are very difficult to do that?. And how much you can ask to pay ?






Good Afternoon,


My name is Dan Monaco and you are currently in our system to complete residential BPO’s for Secured Lending Services(SLS).  SLS completes BPO’s for HSBC and you fill the form on our site:   SLS has a sister company called National Real Estate Information Services(NREIS).  NREIS has clients that will order BPO’s with us from time to time, (you may be already completing BPO’s for NREIS).  Here, there isn’t a website that you will fill out the forms.  The form and the order itself will be emailed to you. 


NREIS has a new client that will be ordering commercial BPO’s with us.  They are Wolters Kluwer They will be ordering commercial BPO’s and commercial property profiles.  A commercial property profile is just short form of the commercial bpo.  Where we need just 3 sales and no listings. 


I’m sending this email out to our SLS agents to see if anyone does commercial work.  If you do or know anyone that is, please let me know. 


I would need to know what counties you cover and fees.   Fees for commercial exterior and interior BPO’s.  And for commercial property profiles.


Any questions, please feel free to call or email me.



Dan Monaco

Vendor Relations



Title | Appraisal | Settlement | Default       


P: 1.800.753.3339 x5954

F: 1.800.307.4118

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I've done them for as much as $300 and as little as $50, it's all about quality. Unfortunately it seems quite a few residential-only agents complete them and the banks end up getting terrible quality on the orders. As others have said , you *Should* be a member of costar or a similar commercial real estate MLS system so you can know what kind of data to use for the orders.
Agreed. Without CoStar, you're screwed!

LoopNet's comps are a joke!

Looking for Nationwide Commercial BPO/BOV companies?

Knowing the true value of real estate has never been more important. Whether you are making a loan decision or trying to evaluate an REO asset, accurate valuations are imperative if you are to make an intelligent decision. PCV Murcor has been providing the most accurate, highest quality appraisals and BPOs to lenders and servicers for over 30 years.

We realize Commercial BPO/BOV companies are popping up across the country but only a few actually have Commercial Appraisers to review reports and guide brokers into the right direction when needed. Our knowledge and experience on a nationwide scale accurately reflects the highest quality product we offer. Our products ranges from Commercial Land, Industrial properties, small and large office buildings, small and large apartment buildings, retail and restaurants etc... PCV Murcor is building steam in the Commercial Broker Price Opinion also known as Brokers Opinion of Value sector of real estate. We have quickly mounted a strong customer bases for Servicing the Commercial BOV product Nationwide and are looking to expand our Commercial Vendor panel. We are looking for vendors across America that have experience in the Commercial side of Real Estate to partner with us. If you are interested in completing Commercial BPO/BOV's, please visit and join our network or Call (888)623-4001 and ask to speak to Edmund Adams

Zubaria,  have you tried contacting this Dan Monaco?  I tried the email and it came back as non deliverable?  Do you have a different email address for him?  I would also like to break into the commercial BPO business but seems to be hard to obtain within my in-house training.  Must be the competition the trainer does not want to have?


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