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I have received an email about this new program.

I guess I will have to lower my rates more to be consider, I am Platinum and I had lowered my rates but maybe not enough.  I haven't seen an order in over a week.

Comments please!

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They raised the bar on ranking by as much as 3% and tried to get agents to ask for less.

You will receive work if they got them in your area. Suggest you not to panic yet.

Do you know who the new owner is?

Thru one of the websites in India, there was something cooking. I thought it was just software end...

Not sure, I used to receive more than I could handle in N CA.  I have not seen anythign coming ~2 wks.



No one is getting orders right now as they are in transition in ownership, again.  Hope they pay what they owe us for last months BPO's.  This new system will send this BPO Broker packing.  We are worth double what they pay us and now they want to cut us again. I am out if they keep this program.

I'm Gold, sme here in Illinois, waiting to see. They said it was because our fellow agents wanted more work. Lets see how much they want when the prices get beat down and gasoline and tolls increase.
got 1 order. slow as it can get. got a couple orders from another service.


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