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Has anyone done BPO's for Corelogic ?? If so do you have any feedback i.e. payment, volume, form complexity.....Thanks

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Good company to work for. Payment is generally next day.

Where are you loated

Best company out there to do BPOS for.

I do them thru the old landsafe platform.

They pay within a few days.  They pay well, but they do ask a lot out of the BPO.

Also the  BPO better be next to perfect or else your score will go down.

Corelogic is a good company to work with. Pay well and in some cases pay the next day if you have a direct deposit set up. Aside for Landsafe, Rels is another corelogic company I do BPO's for and they pay the same way also use a direct deposit with them. The are very strict on there BPO's but not unreasonable.

Great company.  Pay fast.  The drive PCR is quick money.  $25 for 20 roughly yes no questions.

BPOs now on land safe platform.  Like other have said the Land safe BPO is rather extensive. 

Good company, have done hundreds for them, no problems except money is cheap.

Corelogic (Landsafe) pays $62.50 for a drive by and $95 for an interior and Corelogic (RELS) pays $25 for a one page drive by no comps and $45 for a drive by. I know of alot of other companies that pay alot less and if you know companies that pay more I sure would like to know those companies names and how to contact them

Can someone please post the link where you can apply? After googling I can not find the link to sign up.

Corelogic residential BPO was sold to MCS valuations after returning jobs from India to US.  There system constantly crashes and for awhile not functional.  MCS inherits the crabby system and is just a BPO mill. 

Try this link if they created another division after the sell off.

MCS has some bad practice calling west coast agents early AM telling them the jobs are due. Hell, you just assigned a few hours ago. Why the hell you wake me up for? They expect quick turn around like 48 hours and followed up with another eMail.

I suspect they have issues getting realtors work for them and they dropped the ball.  They also request voluntary fee reduction to trade volume.

Rels is a great company to work with and pays quickly, they were purchased by Corelogic last year and have continued to use the same platform and pay quickly though volume has dropped off since the merger


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