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Curious: What do banks pay companies like Clear Capital for BPO's?

Just a thought.

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Interior I have seen $150 and up.  Exterior I was able to tell they paid $120-150.  Even if they pay you a rush fee it still comes out of the lender wallet...... Believe me they get bigger slice than you.

There is a company called Blk Knight Financial Services (LPS or LSI) the fees are so low but every time I turn around they put 5 more in my queue with the expectation I can complete all these difficult ones in 48 hours. I have had with this company. For awhile they reject every one's work. I have un-tied with Fidelity Title since it owns BKFS.  When they complain about my turn around time I decline all their standing orders. My rating is still AAA and I told them pls find some one else.

Yes there fees are very low, I used to do about 100 a month for them. they do sent 20 at a time with a 48 hr turnaround,no one can do that many if you are doing them yourself like you are suppose to. They stress no outside help or anyone other than you doing them.  They are not realistic.

I have never had them cancel anything BUT they nitpick every order your submit,  The only want to pay 50.00 and expect it back in 24 hrs...yes, unrealistic.  If they all me because they can't get anyone else my fee is 150.00 sometimes they pay and sometimes they say NO.  The good thing is they pay in 2 weeks.  I will not work for 50.00 unless it is a company I have been with for 20+ years and  it is within 5 miles I will do 50.

Clear Capitol is the worst company to work for!!!!! If they do not like your work or your value they will cancel the order and not pay you.  They also like to turn people into the state for discipline action.  They place undue influence on the appraisers and brokers to come up with a value that they want.  Clear Capitol also pays low fees and is high demanding.


I have worked for them for over 10 years. They are the best company that I have ever worked for. In probably close to 3,000 bpo's,they have never cancelled due to my work. Nor have I ever heard of anyone being turned in. Yes, they sit on another platform and are not here. It is their job to have questions answered and produce quality reports. Yes, in ten years at times, I had an issue, or an issue on top of an issue concerning a report. Their staff is outstanding. Yes, once in a rare moment, a person can be testy, it is so rare that it is amazing. Don't we all have off days. They never placed undue influence over me, I have no problem explaining my ground, they listen. You can talk to them, not to a email system. This is a job, their job is to produce the most accurate reports, they don't sit where we do. When you accept an order, your job is to do the best you can. They are not demanding, they want effort put in. Yes, if they get slammed and I take a ton of reports, I might have a lot of questions at once............well, I took that many orders. As far as the fee, it works for me and although I put effort in, that is why they are paying me. CLEAR CAPITAL IS A NUMBER ONE..........AWESOME COMPANY TO DO WORK FOR. And they treat you with respect and like real people.

Are they also in REO business?  It is near Reno. Steve Jobs biological father a Lebonese biz man owned a casino not far from Clear Capitol.  "Last Chance gambling".....

You must have been an agent that was awarded the CME program.  I was signed up for 9 years and in the top tier agents.  I was not picked and lost $3000-$4000 a month.  They let me down BIG TIME. I asked them what about my years of service....They claimed it was business.  No thanks!!

What did they turn you in for?  

see reply in forum

Clear Capital is literally one of the best. What exactly happened?

see reply in forum

It is Clear Capital not Clear Capitol and I had no complaints with them.


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