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Curious: What do banks pay companies like Clear Capital for BPO's?

Just a thought.

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Well, well, well. Clear Capitol thinks by being open 7 days a week, taking on new clients and expecting us agents to play their game. NO WAY.  Karma is coming back to them. The amount of money they get paid by their clients and what they give us is crumbs.  The QC people think they are God!  I left them over 6 years ago and never look back.  Good luck CC...your days are numbered!!!

Very true. 

Thank You Missie for telling your story.  That is exactly what they did to me and they will keep doing to others until people like us start talking about it.  I included all the e-mail in my report that Clear Capitol sent me demanding I use there comps so the lender would see exactly what kind of people they are dealing with.  That really upset CC that I would not take the e-mails out of my appraisal report.  They probably figured the lender would never find out.     

I would lay money that it was removed. Ive had companies send me reports back where some of the info had been removed. There really needs to be better monitoring for these companies. Please dont get me wrong. I do NOT think all are bad but I do feel that there are alot of bad ones out there. Its pretty clear from the start if they are good or bad normally. Then again, you have the ones like Clear Capital, USRES, ResNet, ect who change. 

I sent the report to the lender so I know they seen all the e-mails.  That is why they turned me into the state.


What state are you ladies in? That sounds great to get $150 per Bpo. I generally do them for $40-$85 per Bpo and it generally takes me about an hour. That's for Capital as well as the other bpo companies I do business with. I generally do about 6 to 10 per day. It's a good living. But I would love to know how you are generating those higher fees on a regular basis. I've been doing it for the last five years. I've even started a website to train other agents how to do it at where I give a client list and everything. But so far, it's very rare that I see things that high for any of my students or myself. Can you fill me in?


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