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Hello all! Does anyone have a current list of REO companies actually giving assignments at this point? It seems my list of 50 from 5 years ago has been dwindled down to 3 or 4 which I guess comes as no surprise with all of the companies going under but I have been told there are some newer companies now giving assignments and getting the accounts. Any help would be great! Thanks all!

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At the risk of being the guy that says it, I think in this industry now there are so few companies still existing and operating that a master list may be useless the day its published.

Regardless, I think the best way to build a list would be to provide a little give and take. For example, I'll give the name of one of my more regular clients and you can take it and register... and then anyone else contributing to this thread can add a name or two of companies that have been giving them listings.

I'll start... SingleSource. They won't make you rich, but they handle all the preservation themselves and have a designated closing office to make marketing and closing a breeze.

I haven't gotten any from SingleSource, but Skyhill has been sending me new listings pretty regularly the last couple of months.  They have been BOA properties and they dual path list them all with  But it allows you to make pre-auction bids and they too ahndle all the property preservation.  They are on Equator.

I also have gotten a couple this year from VRM which uses and they handle their own property preservation too

Hello, Ocwen is giving listings

Really? Ocwen? N8t Altisource?

GrreenRiver Capital

Be cautious of Daymark also seemingly sponsored by RedBell they are also doing Offers to Purchase but they have an "inhouse" sales team and they are selling at least some on a  rent to own plan.

Selene Finance is still going

there are some others

Does anybody still get any properties from the Equator platform and/or RES.NET.

I don't know if its worth me paying for said platforms if asset companies are not using them.

Kindly let me know if anybody thinks that their still worth paying for.

This is a  completely different discussion.  Please see the Resnet or Equator discussions. 

80% of my business is from I haven't had an equator assignment in years.


I am still seeing Dakota, NRES, LRC quite a bit.

Shellpoint, Olympus, Fay

If you get a list I need it as well. i thought I signed up to do BPO's. Ultimately to list REO's was my goal? Have things changed? I wanted information about a property foreclosed on by B of A 2-3 weeks ago. I still have not heard back from B of A. Who do you contact?


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