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Several of us have received threatening communications regarding the posting of an inquiry on this site as well as the subsequent input by members of this site. 

ACCORDING TO THIS PERSON, the original post from this site showed up on Google during a search for the company/person's name.  Although the original post was a harmless inquiry (such as the many we make regarding new companies), apparently he deems the succeeding posts as defamatory since he states the belief that the commentary to possibly affects his business.

Is this true? Who knows. However, frivolous or not, this is the age of thin skin & retaliatory tweets. 

Therefore I am removing the original harmless post. However, we should probably get some legal advice from someone on this and/or other sites about the postings that we consider to be private, between members only.

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Larry Pool threatened me with a defamation lawsuit for simply posting something he posted himself  elsewhere in his defense of something he heard was said about him.  I believe I posted it on your 2014 inquiry about him. 


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