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There have been several discussions about education and certifications on this site. I would like to share this school because I know it is one of the better ones.

Check out this Real Estate School and their partner, Default School at this link:

Real Estate Educate - Default School

Very clear on what their courses offer and what clients they have specialty courses for. Also, no ongoing monthly fees and the accreditation is one that is well known - or should I say, I have seen it as a designation on many other agents information.

I have finished their Best Practices and am halfway through their Advanced Evaluations. Very clear teaching methods and mini quizzes all along the way.

This school actually has become a requirement for everyone working for one of my main clients and though much of the information I have been doing for two years, there are wonderful tweaks, tidbits and gems I am finding to help streamline my service to my clients!

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Linda, I agree with you, although I thought some of the material was basic. The courses are thorough and really should be required of any agent before they receive an REO assignment.
They are...For Wells and Citi.
Thanks Billie and Michael for your input about this school. So many new to REO agents are throwing their money down the drain to all these new Pay-To-Sign-Up sites,

As one asset manager put it to me, "It does not matter so much which accrediation you have as it does that you are will to invest in education for yourself. That is what I look for."


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