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Attached is list of Direct Links to 175 BPO, REO and Asset Management Companies. Some of them may have changed or are no longer in the business. So good luck and wish you much success.

Enjoy and share. If you have any experience with any please share it and add comments.

Chuck Bukhari

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You are absolutely amazing! What can I say, I added the list to our partners tab....AMAZING! Thank you!
Thank you for sharing!
Remember to add and share your experiences. I would also appreciate it if NO ONE publish this for profit.
Thanks Chuck,
What a generous offering!
I've applied to most of the companies already, but only one response. Goodman Dean is who I work for now and they are responsive and a great company to work with.

How did you apply to Goodman Dean?  I was on their website and there I could not find a link to apply.





This is quite nice and very professional of you to share this information. I have seen all these companies and various lists. Thank you for sharing!
Thanks alot!
I absolutely love working with Integrated Asset and Goodman Dean. Does anyone have a contact at Keystone?
Thanks so much for sharing.
Jusst swigned up - will let you know what happens - I am already signed up with several but appreciate you sharing yoiur info!

Thanks a lot! I have a quick question. I'm working with a Buyer looking to invest in high end luxury homes. Are there any of these asset mgrs that play ball on discounts if buying in bulk? Or is this a myth out there?


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