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Attached is list of Direct Links to 175 BPO, REO and Asset Management Companies. Some of them may have changed or are no longer in the business. So good luck and wish you much success.

Enjoy and share. If you have any experience with any please share it and add comments.

Chuck Bukhari

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Thanks Chuck, This is a huge favor you are doing by providing this information. Thanks!!
Thank you Chuck.. it is really nice of you to share it with us.thanks again.
Hi Dunia,

Hope it is of help to you and enyone that uses it.
thank you.
Thanks for sharing.
Thank you so much!
Should have known something like this would come from a Keller Williams agent ;)!
Did you expect less :) It has always been my way. Share the wealth as you will never have it all. Hope it works for you.
Thanks for Sharing- Great Information

Dionne February

Remax Specialist
Thanks for the list....very helpful. You might want to take Land America off though, I believe they folded.
You are right about Land America, but at the time I posted this many have changed, some have also merged. Good luck.
Thanks Chuck. That is awesome.

Michael G.


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