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Well....It's finally happened, I logged on to Dispo this morning just to find out they now have a membership fee.


Basis membership is now $25 per year to have access to BPO/REO properties and premium membership is $125 per year.


I basically had to sign up at main log in just to get to my properties.


Here is the message at log in.


DST is requesting that all agents choose one of the following subscription options:
  Basic Subscription - $25 per year
Be listed and be able to receive both REO and BPO assignments.
  Premium Subscription - $125 per year
Take advantage of all the benefits of a Basic Subscription, plus:
   - Be searchable in up to 30 zip codes
   - Be able to promote your Web site on your Agent Profile Page and on clients' agent search results


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I agree Michelle, It is a good platform (It was my 1st) I get alot more from Equator and just signed up a couple months ago with Res.Net. but I still get listings and BPO's from Dispo.
Hey Tony,
Yeah. I just signed up with the Premium package. I know it's worth it and I'll have BPO's from them which will pay for the fee anyway. REO America asset managers are great to work with too!
Michelle, is REO ASM is a different company? have you worked with them, are they BPO only?
Please advise and thank you.
Do you mean REO America? If so, yes I have worked with REO America on several BPO's and work with their asset managers for my Listings but the clients are different.
Michelle, who were you getting listings from on Dispo? I know they give out BPOs but also would like to know who assigns listings using dispo. Thanks.
Well I think it has already started, I had 3 BPO's come in from Dispo today from Summit, Including a drive by commercial for $100. I let them all go because I already have a few auto assigned to me.

A half hour after I saw the blast, the commercial one was auto assigned to me direct with a follow up call from the A.M. I set my commercial broker up and maybe he will get it.

I have never had an auto assign from Summit Valuations??? this tells me that they did in fact purge many of the agents in the free data base and the people who stay just might get alot of action.
Tony, you forgot to mention that you also have the option of signing up for their Free service, which will only allow you to received BPO assignments. Since the fee was 25 for basic I decided to sign up for that. I did not really receive much bpo's the past year so hopefully I'll see something this year with the new requirements taking effect.
Hi George, thanks. I can't seem to find the free BPO sign up, I did not have that choice maybe because I have listings, I just went back in and still the only 2 options I can find is $25 and $125.

I am guessing it is because of the listings but don't know for sure. did you just recently sign up?
Actually I logged on to complete a BPO order I had and it gave me the message that I needed to sign up for the service. At that time it showed the option to stay on the free service, but I would only be considered for BPO services or the other 2 options that you mentioned above. It would make sense that since you already had listings that the other 2 membership options would apply to you.
Also another great thing about BPO's from Dispo is that they are exclusive to you and they pay quickly. My first BPO with Dispo in Aug 08 turned into a listing just 5 months later.
I also tuned in and seen the same message. I have been a member since 2007. Gave them the $125.00 as it was reasonable. I really do not like BPO's as they are bothersome, but to increase my REO business in 2010 it will be worth it..The bpo's will pay back the yearly fee and probably will return some investment, will be keeping track to see how my investment return will be.....
I also paid the $25 and when biz picks up, I will consider upgrading my Profile and giving them the $125. However, Dispo Solutions seems to be way behind the technology curve(they still require that agents FAX them docs, versus uploading and emailing or uploading on web-based software) so I don't know if they will be around in a year or so.


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