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Well....It's finally happened, I logged on to Dispo this morning just to find out they now have a membership fee.


Basis membership is now $25 per year to have access to BPO/REO properties and premium membership is $125 per year.


I basically had to sign up at main log in just to get to my properties.


Here is the message at log in.


DST is requesting that all agents choose one of the following subscription options:
  Basic Subscription - $25 per year
Be listed and be able to receive both REO and BPO assignments.
  Premium Subscription - $125 per year
Take advantage of all the benefits of a Basic Subscription, plus:
   - Be searchable in up to 30 zip codes
   - Be able to promote your Web site on your Agent Profile Page and on clients' agent search results


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I was expecting that, well the prices are ok, I usually get a few bpos by two of my clients who use this platform for bpo but resnet for listings. Let me get my plastic ready
Hi Jose, I guess there is a bright side, maybe the active member list will be much smaller now. The prices are good and I get both BPO's and listings from there. hmmmm.......could even be a good thing. Time will tell!
I am with you Tony, most new agents don't know the difference between a platform and a AMC or BPO company. They expect handouts and think the the platform will give them business, at the best the platform is a type of marketing in case a company is looking for a new agent in the area, they might search the platform database and then you must have high scores and a good resume to get their business.
PHM, Summit REO,
REO America and Select Portfolio for listing and a number of BPO companies such as Summit Valuations and National Valuations.
Evestmac LLC, Sterling Bank
Miguel- I don't have the website. I was assigned my listings with Evestmac & Sterling bank through Dispo. I tried going to Evestmac website last year when I working on a listing with them, but they don't have a sign up. I assume they only assign through dispo.
Funny, I just logged in to see the same message. I'd have to agree, at least the price is reasonable. They also stated:
Our new DispoSolutions subscription program will enable us to:

Eliminate multiple agent accounts
Identify inactive agent accounts
Give agents more ways to market and promote themselves
I have been with Dispo for at least 3 years and nothing yet, however, for those of you who are paying your subcriptions be very careful. I just posted in another thread to be very careful when you agree to these companies fine print, they will renew your membership without asking. Disposolutions is charging less comparaed to other fees but definitely it was not a place to market yourself until now.

The only one company so far I know uses it is NDS!
You know Byron...I had completely forgotton that I did get my 1st NDS listing through Dispo, but they did make the switch to REO Trans a couple of years ago as I have had a few more from them. The fastest closing I ever did was from them in December....under contract 12/22 and closed by the end of the year, I have one more on the board now expecting to close 2/15. I don't think they use Dispo at all now. I don't get many from them but a few here and there certainly helps. Same asset mgrs too, that means they don't turn them over like some of the other companies.
That's awsome Elisa, It actually might be a good time to stay not go, if they purge the accounts only the seriuos will remain. I think I missed that part of it this morning.
I've been with Dispo now since 2008 and they are a great!!! I've had several BPO orders from REO America and have listings too. Since I've gotten listings and continue to get BPO orders, the fee is not a big deal for me. Also the fee is low compared to other companies. Looks like i'll be signing up today!


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