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There are companies that seem to offer BPO education, certification and lists of companies looking for BPO agents. Do these companies provide value for agents? Are their “Membership Fees” worth it? Have you had a good experience with such companies?

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There is no law stating you have to be a certified BPO agent only a licensed agent/realtor to perform them.  There are alot of companies out there that will give you free BPO assignments.  Don't buy into the ones that want to charge you a membship fee because they don't live up to their promises.  Take it from some agents who have already learned the hard way.  If you do want a certification, then just do it through the NAR as well as getting REO and Short Sale certified and just state it in your MLS profile.  Don't pay $500,$600,$700 and up to these platforms like Equator,, REOworld etc..etc.. for their memberships to get what they call "free" certification courses because they really are not free you just paid for the certification course when you paid for the membership and they won't gaurantee you get listings.  The banks generally already have the brokers they work with and stick with them.  It takes a miracle and they don't change them out unless they have done something real bad to be cancelled from their vendor list.  Therefore, you will end up like a thousand other agents who just threw their money out the window.  Do your research on the web and look up BPO companies and read about them and only sign up with the ones that don't request becase they are the ones that are doing well and don't need your money.  Everyone else is working off your money.

Not necessary, but it might help you do better BPO. I learned it by experience that I have done so many at one point but I got tired of them, specially the companies started paying lower than minimum wage.

Cece is a lady of few words - LOL

Read what Antoinette said. REOs are dead in NW Arkansas.

no - in a crowded market they might select a 'certified' over a plain vanilla agent but basically it's just another money grab. 


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