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Do SingleSource Pay?

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What is a "5 star force member"?  I went to many 5 Star seminars years ago and I am certified in BPO, REO and short sales but this is the first time I've heard this title.

Easy to find on line - five star institute force. Another monthly paid REO organization.

Good company!

Yes, they are a great company to work with.  They will also negotiate fees.

I didn't know this was an English 101 class. But, yes William they do pay. I get my check around the 25th of each month and the also assign listings. 

Single Source pays the 15 th monthly Clear Capitol 1st of the month

Alex, what do they pay on their BPOs?

$40.00 Exterior And $60.00 Interior they also do REO's

Yes they do.  :)

They do Pay, but they pay low and their QC is just too much for me. Those working with SingleSource, Have you received any REO assignment lately?

I was talking to a fellow REO broker about how companies are not treating brokers as well as they used to. He said he accepted 5 or 6 REOs from single source and found out later they were taking double referral fees and he wound up

with little to show for all the work. He may not accept future listings from them. Make sure you know the terms before accepting assignments. More work for less pay makes me sad.


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