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Do you have a generic (Word/Exel/PDF) BPO form you can share?

Hi all,

I need to do 3 BPOs for a bank and I don't have a general BPO form to use (since everyone provides their own),  and I was wondering if maybe someone outhere might have one to share!

This lender asked me to do 3 BPOs on EXPIRED listings I called them on.

I'm going to have to just follow a general format if I can't find a real form I can  'fill out'.

Please share one if you have one...and I'll be sure to return the favor!! :) 

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Try some of the generic forms at


Great..thank you, Crystal! Hope to be of help if you ever need anything! :)


I email you one. Good luck



THANK YOU SO everyone who responded and/or emailed me a form!!! You're all Super Stars!! I've completed the 3 BPOs in just over 24hrs...we'll see what this banks decides to do!


Another agent tried selling these NEW homes with no luck. All with 181-498 DOM, but interestingly enough he never uploaded a SINGLE interior or backyard photo? I see this time and time again, and keep asking myself...what's the reasoning behind it?  The homes are beautiful (from outside), as are the neighborhoods, so I'm quite curious to see why they have not sold. They are currently a bit overpriced, not sure if that's the mean reason.


I'm proposing 'evaluating' each asset to see what's keeping it from selling. The one thing they all have in common is a tiny yard, but that's not an issue for me since I would stage them to go from liability to asset! I hope to get these listing JUST so I can stage them all and GRAB buyers by their heartstrings! It happens EVERY time and LOVE it! :)




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