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Hello all, I was curious if anybody out there shoots video tours of their homes when they list them?
With all of the listing competition in Phoenix and the explosion of You Tube I thought I would give it a try.
My response over the past few months has been HUGE.
It seems that the average web surfer does not want to click around on some "Virtual Tour" but rather watch a short 2 to 4 minute video tour of the home.

I have read some articles on the net stating that “Virtual Tours” were dying, plus for starving agents like me, the cost is too high.

Shooting a quick video tour with a “Flip” Camcorder works great!

I have made up a system and I can shoot, edit and publish a tour in less than 1 hour..

I also make up a cool looking flyer, with the MLS info, a couple pics of the home and put a picture of the video player linked to my short tour and post to CraigsList,, etc.

I actually have agents call me and thank me as they can send this to their client to preview the home from the comfort of their home or office.

I don't "brand" the video with my contact info, just a quick blurb at the end in the credits stating I made it.

I actually receive offers from folks that have not went to the home, just watched the tour.

I also receive a lot of calls from buyers WITHOUT agents who see me as some kind of "expert". This has really helped my buyer side of the business grow.

I am shooting 3 homes later today and will post links to my CraigsList ads as a response to this reply for your previewing pleasure or critique :)

I am curious to hear any comments about this type of “Out-Of-The-Box” advertising.



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Yes, I have shot only one video and posted on YouTube and was surprised at the number of views! I was never a big fan of the sophisticated, fluffy video tours with the elevator music. Better to replace that with an effective personal description and closing pitch. It was actually very fun and I plan to do more. Best to you!
I use a flip too. But I just started doing it a few weeks ago using a flip as well. I brand them and put on my blog,
If you check it out please eave a comment. I just launched it around the fourth of july.
I use youtube and viddler because sometimes one website has issues uploading and I like to have a plan B. So I flip (no pun intended) flop with two...kinda like viddler better..

I try to brand everything...with MarkAnthonyTV and have some success. But I need to work on keeping it short and sweet.
I could use some tips...

Thanks in advanced,
Mark Anthony Ruiz
I think you move your camera too fast, other than that it looks good.
Hi Tom and Mark. Thanks for the great replies! Tom you should post your video tour for us to check out. Nice job with the "Mark TV" watermark, Mark! Have you considered testing out a Tripod? (NOT criticizing your video)

I usually edit my video tours 2 ways one with my advertising & one without. But lately I have been so busy and they are my listings, so I make a "neutral" video and only place a small plug for myself at the end.

This way buyer agents will send out the video to their buyers without fear that I am trying to steal their client. (Our MLS now has a place to embed video tours)

I have been really working hard to try and perfect my shooting techniques. I also decided to always use a tripod instead of walking through the home with the camera shaking.around. I had a few friends watch a video on tripod and one with me walking through the home and everybody told me the tripod guided video was best.

Anyways, here is one of my latest videos for a home in North West Phoenix that I put on the market last Friday.

I also create a cool flyer and post on Craigslist to try and attract solo buyers without agents. This is a different house..

I'd be happy to help with some tips. I think that the agent that masters video tours is going to be the super agent of the future.

Let me know what you guys think :)
Excellent job Mark. Do you use regular camera with recording feature?
Hi Ranjit, thanks for the kind comments.

I started out using a flip camcorder on a tripod, but as business got better I upgraded to a Sony HD Camcorder.

I also purchased a wide angle lens to get more of the interior rooms into the shot. Some fast editing with Sony Vegas Studio 9 and video is good to go.

I have to admit, I get a great response from other agents and am slowly building a buyers list which I email out my CraigsList flyers to as soon as I put home on the MLS with a link to the video tour, pics, description, etc.

I think this is going to be the wave of the future...

Cheers! Mark
Thank for feedback. I just bought a little tripod that flexes ans a nice bigger on that extends up to five feet.
Mark, great job with craigslist. I like the craigslist flyer... i did not know you could add video...

Mark Anthony Ruiz
Hi Mark,

I tried to take a peek at your old craigslist ad and it has expired....Can you post an updated one. I would appreciate it greatly. The one with a vid embedded in it....

Mark Anthony Ruiz
I love my Flip camera! I shoot a video and put it on YouTube, Twitter, my blog, and my Facebook page whenever I get a new listing. It's not professional quality, it's very casual, but they get tons of hits.
Excellent Karin! Do you use a tripod? Can I see one of your video tours? I also make a flyer to post on CraigsList which includes a link to my video tour.

Here is the last one I did...

Cheers! and thanks for responding!

I upgraded to a sony 30G JVC Everio (hard disk camcorder). Its cool! no tapes or memory sticks. I just shot a testimonial on a successful 7 day escrow. I tried to upload to youtube and viddler..but to no says not right format.
Its shows mpeg but when I try to upload it it says its a blah blah.MOD instead of a blah blah . AVI, or mov.

Maybe i should read the manuel ;-)

I mini tripod was cool, i just set it on top of the kitchen counter. Also, I used to there was no awkward beginning and no shaking...

Mark Anthony Ruiz
Great job Mark! Send me the link to your video I would like to see it :)

You probably have to use some editing software to convert your movie from .MOD to AVI or MPG4

Thanks! Mark


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