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I was just contacted on my page here at REO PRO from absolute REO solutions. Does anyone have any feed back on them? They are requesting a 295.00 yearly payment. Thanks in advance for any comments.....Hal

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Look down a few. Same thing. In my area, they lost 2 agents due to retirement. I signed up, but did not pay their fee. Was called shortly after and offered the area. As long as I paid the fee. Don't know either if they're legit, but have my doubhts. Talked to Steve Johnson, Asset Manager. Would like to think it's real, but doubht it. All their listings are short sales.
Hal..I believe they are a new company that requires a $295.00 up front fee. When I asked if they had any REO assignments, they said that they were hoping to get some soon in our area.
Here is a thread from another forum that should tell you whether or not it is worth it to dish out the $295:

Absolute REO Thread

Good luck =)
I received an email on Friday from them stating that they had to let go 2 agents go within my zipcodes due to insufficient work. Since I balked at paying the $295.00 fee, I guess they thought I would jump on this. Due to the feedback on this board, I did not go forward. Sounds like they used this approach with another agent in another state. Sounds more like a scam everyday. Proceed with caution.
I have just been approached by a phone call from this company. It sounds good but is it to good to be true. They did not promise me anything and stated that they are assigned assets to manage from ICBA, and that ICBA does not allow them to take refferal fees from the agent. I am thinking strongly on taking a chance on this but have not welled up the courage to take the plunge. I would like to hear someone on here state that they have a good relationship with them. For now holding my breath.
I could not find them at their vendor list
I work in Southwest Riverside County in California. My office is in Temecula. They called me today. Said they were going to be working with - a credit union in 30 days to 6 current listings. They have a one year guarantee that if you don't get an assignment, your year membership is extended. They have no referral fees and don't take a percentage of your commission. Utilities would be in their name; only 3 agents assigned per zip code. After our conversation, he asked for my credit card number. I told him if I signed up I would do it on the site.
I sent an email to the Mortgage CFO of ICBA to see if they have a business relationship with Absolute REO Solutions, I have yet to get a response from the CFO.
Have not heard back since last week. I am going to avoid. Sounds like they are making all their money on fees. Lots of job offers on Monster for sales people, not agents. Scam.
Hal, Please post here when and if you do receive a response from ICBA, as I was told of the same business relationship. Thanks!
Thanks Anthony. We all look forward to your success, and would love nothing more than to be in your program should it become viable. Please keep us informed.
I agree. Thank you Anthony for coming to this site and clarifying several things for us.

As with any "Hot Commodity" there are many companies creating or changing the way they do business to requiring a fee to sign up or continue with the company. After investing money to the 'well knowns', I feel I am a good business person to check out the new players and little known companies that are now coming forward with a fee to register game plan.

To me it seems I would register as many agents as I could (cost you nothing but the software, I think) to get a large agent base to show your investors you have the 'man power' in place to market their inventory, then charge a transaction fee. Hey, but that is me.


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