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I was just contacted on my page here at REO PRO from absolute REO solutions. Does anyone have any feed back on them? They are requesting a 295.00 yearly payment. Thanks in advance for any comments.....Hal

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I agree.


Alfonso Parodi
Century 21 Carioti
I have not heard from them since I signed up. I wonder what is going on with them!!
I'm still waiting on my refund. I'll keep you posted.
I, too, requested a refund after deciding not to move forward. It has been two weeks and I still have not received a credit to my credit card and no response to my emails. Everyone beware!!!
One of my team members at Sellstate Group REO Team enrolled and is questioning the validity. If no business arrives for her hard earned dollars we will launch an investigation.
Well, I signed up and felt it was worth the chance. My opinion is that the glass is not always half empty as it appears from reading some of the posts here. It seems to be a start up company and, from my experience from signing up with a start up company a couple years ago, it was great. I took a chance then and zoomed right up along with their growth. Best choice and risk I made in the last couple years..... Been doing REOs since. Ok, 295.00 seems to be a lot of money in these hard times...but may be worth it if I just get one escrow....and if I dont, it is a loss. But, we are all in a business for ourselves and taking losses are often a part of owning a business.... And yes, there are some companies that do not take a referral fee ....I just received a huge commission today from one of them. You wont know unless you try.....but just do your homework first as I did with this company.
Stephen Johnson told me a few weeks back to email him to discuss my frustrations I did, and I haven't receive an answer, but some of my friend in Maryland have been contacted by this company with the old script that an agent has retired and now they need to fill the spot, promise bpos and listings in the area but must pay first, my friends had asked me if this was a good company and I said to them the same thing that I say to all of the readers here, SAVE YOUR MONEY, this company just want your money, there are no listings or bpos.

To this day I have only seen one person in this network with an assignment from Absolute REO, Don't pay them there are some reputable companies that require a fee and will give you listings and bpos, but this company wont
To REOPRO Members: If you have received or if you receive a REO Assignment from Absolute REO, please go the Absolute REO Group here on our REOPRO Website and let everybody know. Disclosure: I am not affiliated in anyway with Absolute, I'm just a regular REO Broker in Tampa area and I have not joined Absolute REO yet.
10/20/2009 I signed up.
No activity. I emailed Steven asking about work 4/29/2010
Nothing! I emailed Steven and Gary and asked them for a full refund and removal from there vendor list.
Nothing! 5/3/2010 I emailed Gary. Requesting a full refund and removal from vendor list.
I finally hear something, it’s a BPO order form Steven, and I immediately return the email via my Blackberry. Requesting a full refund ASAP and removal from the vendor list. Informing Steve that I will not accept this BPO. And I still have no communication nor do I have the refund requested that was assured to me.
I know I have been taken advantage of, and after this I hope you don’t make the same mistake I did.
Hi Everyone,

It was brought to my attention that Absoluate REO Solutions has 7 Forums threads working so, in an effort to keep everyone on the same page, i am going to close this discussion thread and refer everyone to the more active thread below.


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