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Does anyone know a number to LPS Desktop that I can call for help

Is it just me or does anyone else hate LPS Desktop invoice management system. It is the slowest system I have ever used. I think some banks use it just to make it difficult to submit for reimbursement, kind of like a mail in rebate. We get frustrated enough that we just give up.

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There must be a block on your system. Try it from another computer. I also have that problem.. I have to go to another computer to submit invoices..
I completely agree. I oversee my bookkeeper with the billing and every billing is just a pain. They are slow although it might be the lender we're dealing with. That you have to take a training course to submit bills is a frustrating roadblock in the system.

Just thinking about LPS and invoices drains me.  I seem to always forget my password and need to call their support line.

I completely agree and very happy to realize I am not the only one. Actually, I have called more than once their customer service with question and frustration and they told me that they have calls like that all day long. This is very complicated not mentionning this constant update and change of password. I believe they just enjoy to give hard time...cannot be something else.

I have to use them for the first time in years. Found my account. Reset my password. Then it says that I'm locked out. Turns out that I owe them  $5 from over 7 years ago. So I say fine,  let me log in and pay on line. No. You have to send a CHECK!   OMG. Could that be any more technologically backward? ?  So now they have cashed my check and I still can't get in. And my expenses get older to the point that I'm concerned I won't get my money back.  Ridiculous. 

Thanks Justine Bradford-Trent, that phone number worked.  This will be my first time to use LPS and I am hoping it won't give me a bad experience.  I already had to find their phone number because of log in issues.  God bless!

Same experience with me! I'm on hold with them right now! Ughh! I wish this company would just fold to be honest!

Nick - I think you are right. 

I told them -blk Knight Sol'n to take a hike on an estate $3.6M for $35 rocks. Fidelity bought them. Terrible pay.

Such a horrible way to send invoices to get reimbusements. I've alway had the nicest people to get me unlocked. And to think we have to pay to get our reimbursements.  LOL 

If you are having trouble getting in it is probably because like many people you have upgraded to Window 10 and their system is not compatable with the new system. You have to use an older version of explorer to get in. This is what I was told by their customer support person.

The reason, in my opinion, that many companies use them is so that we the agents can pay for the processing cost at $5 per invoice. Se we are paying for processing someone else's expenses.

One trick I use it to submit multiple invoices under one invoice number so as to minimize the cost as much as possible.

This is just one more way for sellers to shift their cost off on the agents. At some point we need to let them know that 2009 is over and agents aren't desperate to get their listings at any price.

I just had to use them again after years of not dealing with them.  Hopefully here are some helpful tips.

Keep that help phone number handy, you will need it more than once

You HAVE to use Internet Explorer only

Just know you have to change your password about once a month so have variations of the same one in mind a head of time

If possible, save up your invoices (they can not be over 30 days old to submit them) and enter them all at one time.  Each time you 'create a new invoice" you get changed $5.00 - EVEN if you have not submitted them for reimbursement or you cancelled one you started.  They all have to be 'on the same invoice' to avoid the additional $5.00 fee - EVEN if someone at LPSdesktop has told you differently.  Can you tell I battled this one out already?

When you go to make a new invoice you have to name it.  Be sure and write that name down or remember it because otherwise you will not be able to find it again to add more to it.

Once you have jumped through all the hoops to create an invoice and have added one, simply click on 'Add' to put your next invoice in.  If you have one entered but want to wait for more to enter, just save.

When you go back in to enter more invoices on the same invoice you already started, click on 'Open an existing invoice' on the home page and use the name you gave the invoice to pull it up and click on ADD in order to add it to the same invoice so you only get charged $5.00 for all the invoices you submit under that one invoice.  I hope this makes sense!

Lastly, keep an eye on your reimbursement progress by clicking on 'Reports' in the top tabs, then 'General Invoice Status' and again, you need the name of the invoice you are looking for or you can search by date range, too.  Once in, you can check on when your check was approved, the status of it and the date it was paid.  If it was approved but not showing paid, call the above number!

Know this is an antiquated process they are using and you have to pay for you past usage (as CeCe says - 7 years!) before you can get reimbursed for new invoicing.  You have to go in 'Reports' and print your own invoice from 'Vendor Monthly Statement' and send a check for the amount or you won't get any reimbursements!  They do not notify you.  If you do not pay and your current invoicing goes over 30 days, you could, and probably will, loose your opportunity to be reimbursed.

I hope this helps those of you who are new to this antiquated system.


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