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Does Goodman Dean refer REO listings to you or are they just a 3rd party that works with BPO's? I have done approximately 40 BPO's for them with no REO assignments.

Just checking, I would rather focus on companies that can refer REO listings as that is ultimately what I am working towards.

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Which one are those companies?


Claudio Leiter
Which company is GD, what is their website?
Seems like they got one broker now running the show....they actually broadcast their current offers.
jus got a listing from GD, they use resnet. After a lot of bpos that i've done for them they called me for listing.
how manay bpos?

Does anybody getting any listings in California?


My friend did. Just got 4 last months in Orange County area.
Well some of these postings give me hope.  I've been doing BPO's for GD for 3 years, all with good quality and on time and still no REO Listings.  They are indeed good to work with for BPO's, hopefully I will see some REO assignments when things pick up.

My friend's situation is almost like yours. 3 yrs of BPO. Just last month, he received 4 listings from them. Don't give up. I'm sure listings will come soon.

This is an old post but I thought I'd reply. I signed up with Goodman Dean 4 years ago and today I finally received my first BPO request from them.  I am happy to read that they are on the up and up as I have been swamped lately with BPOs and was reluctant about accepting this order.

I consider Goodman Dean an excellent company.  I receive BPO's on an average of 4 weekly and REO's about every 3 months.


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