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Does Goodman Dean refer REO listings to you or are they just a 3rd party that works with BPO's? I have done approximately 40 BPO's for them with no REO assignments.

Just checking, I would rather focus on companies that can refer REO listings as that is ultimately what I am working towards.

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Goodman Dean has their own portal on their website for BPO's. I love that one. Easy to work on.
My last BPO for them was last week and I still used what looks now as the OLD portal system. I'll be looking forward to my next one and see what portal that will be using.
It always seems people use me as the ginny pig....not sure why but, it is what it is. Yes, I just did a BPO on a new platform that Goodman Dean is using. You can find that platform at Now, are they using this system for just one client or are they planning on changing everything over to this system....well, that I don't know. I can tell you they use RESNet, which has already been mentioned in this thread for their REOs and no, i don't know if that is changing but, either way, I have been pleased with working with them and look forward to some positive changes.
Hi Leslie
I worked for Goodman Dean for a couple years before I got a listing that was when I was in Michigan I'm in Athens georgia and have not got anything yet. Have a Super Day

They are a great company.. Just an interior BPO today on RES Net. Keep doing your BPO's but you have to ask for the listings. After I completed aprox 30 bpos for them, I started asking for listings when I would get a Thank You email. Each time I was told my file was logged and it paid off. In now in there network and send an ocassional email to the AM's within their network that have given me assignments and passed my name on to others. Do a good job and it will pay off : ).

Have a wonderful X-mas and Happy New Year!!! Get ready for 2010 its gonn be a great year!!
Hi Jonathan,
Just wanted the group to know that you were absolutely right! Goodman Dean does give you business. I've been doing their BPO's for nearly 6 months and was beginning to get a little discouraged. About three weeks ago, I read your December 18th comment about asking for listings and that's exactly what I did. Every time I received an approval for a completed BPO, I sent an email outlining my qualifications and asking for listings. I received my first listing today. Thanks so much for the advice.

Shawn Doran
ReMax Excellence Realty
I used to do many BPOs for GD and listed a few of their properties. I've noticed they now are listing their own properties. My guess they have a a brokers license or have an in house broker. They are in Orange County CA, I'm in north LA county about an hour plus drive (on a good day). Perhaps they want to save the commisison. I used to do a lot of work for them and now I haven't heard from them in months. I will say I like working with them. One of their big clients was Citi and a large portfolio was sold and they lost a good portion of that business. I think I'll give them a call and find out what's up.
Hi Neal,

It seems like all the BPO assignments I get are from Wells Fargo, so I am hoping that is a good sign. Reps from Wells call me directly sometimes to ask additional questions about the general market.
Does anyone know the best way to contact them to get more BPO work? Their website only has a general "contact us" email and I'm always wary about sending anything to a catch all email. Thanks!
I have done approximately 40 BPO's for them and received 2 listing assignments. The only way to get assignments is to keep putting your name in front of the asset managers. That means keep doing the BPO's. In my area, I feel that there are a few agents that have the area "locked down". However, I have been getting listings just from the volume of BPO's that we do. Hang in there, keep up the hard work and things will happen. Goodman Dean has been good to work with and I take absolutely every order that I can get from the. Quality work is what attracts the attention of the asset managers.
I did a few BPO's previously for Goodman Dean. I did like their platform. I was getting online order assignments as well as phone calls asking if I would complete an assignment for GD. I asked the nice lady who called to offer assignment if they had ever assigned an REO in my area and she was very honest & said "no they had not". Maybe they will in the future. Maybe it is territorial. I am not sure.
My office mate has been with them since 1995. He does good quick work and was rewarded with 1 listing in 2009.
Right now he has not got a BPO for a few months. I did a few and have not heard from it at least for 9 months now.

No, they are not third party as posted on website. There are almost no REO listings or hardly any listings period. This
is San Francisco South Bay. Hint: We have 9000 hungry agents in this county alone.


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