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Does Goodman Dean refer REO listings to you or are they just a 3rd party that works with BPO's? I have done approximately 40 BPO's for them with no REO assignments.

Just checking, I would rather focus on companies that can refer REO listings as that is ultimately what I am working towards.

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When in Michigan I Did work for Goodman Dean and did get one listing through them. Contact them by phone a they will be glade to answer your questions on how there system works. I'm still connected with them but living in Athens Georgia no assignments since moving. Good Luck have a great week.
I just got my second GD listing, a great house that didn't sell on a short sale at $949k. Have had 6-7 agents calling saying their clients were waiting for this to go REO. It should be gone in 2 weeks!
That's great , congrats!! What area are you in?
Portland, Or
Any other success stories from different vendors Greg?
I have been trying for about 20 months to get with GD. Does anyone know who I can contact for BPO assignments? Email me at Thanks...Bob Morrison
It has been a while but I think I went to the website; "" and went to "contact us" and ask how you can sign up to the BPO portal. Their number is 800/930-8999, if you would like to call them. They are in California, pacific time.
I have been doing assets for GD for about 2 years now and have not received one REO Listing yet. Any ideas? or does anybody have a name of a REO Manager?
JD, the closed mouth dosent get feed. You've gotta ask for the listings. After each completed bpo when they would send the tank you message, I would reply back asking for a listing. Each time my file was noted and eventually it worked. Once I got in,i was able to work for 2 or 3 Am's within there network and its history from there.
My office mate has been with them for 15 years. He got one listing last year and thought he will receive more. He told me he rec'd only 2 BPOs since sold the property on 1st day..... As for me, Goodman Dean tried me once wanting a lower price and I have not heard from them over a year now.

I like that. I worked for GD for 18 months selling several assets for above list. Then May of last year the trickle of business stopped dead. Over the past month I must have done 50 bpo's and today after hearing from a newbie that he called once a month, I finally called. They told me nothing was wrong, just that things were slow. The newbie got a listing. I just now started the email campaign. Hope it works!

I'd do GD BPO's over any BPO any day...Their format never changes and quick to complete.


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