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Does Goodman Dean refer REO listings to you or are they just a 3rd party that works with BPO's? I have done approximately 40 BPO's for them with no REO assignments.

Just checking, I would rather focus on companies that can refer REO listings as that is ultimately what I am working towards.

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Does anyone know if they do much work in Arizona?

Goodman Dean does a lot of BPO work I did get three listing a few years back when I was in Michigan. Since moving to Georgia only BPO's

Great company to work with and they do give Reo listings.
They don't do that much business in our area.  Either BPO or REO.  I'll get a couple of BPOs a month but no more than one REO a year.  But they have been great to work for.  Wish they had more.
Yes they do. I have had 3 with 2 in the pipe.
I stopped doing BPO's for Goodman Dean but get REO's once in a while.

Does anyone have a goodcontact for GoodmanDean.  Ihave spoken to Rebecca Smith numerous times, butIhave tried everything and can't get in front of the right person.  THanks in advance. jason. 

I just received my first BPO assignment. Looks fairly simple compared to others I've done. But I did not receive any other information. Just the assignment. No guidelines they use or anything. Am I missing something. Normally there are specific guidelines for every company assigning a BPO and they are all a little different. I'd like to use their guidelines but don't know where to find them. I have called BPO support and left a message. Any info would be appreciated.



stay w/in 20%, and .5miles....pretty much the same as everyone else--- they prefer 90days back if possible.... Their bpos are very simple.... !!

Hope this helps!


Does anyone know key words for working on a bpo?

looking to sign up for bpos at goodman dean..anyone know best way to do this....if you try on the bpo site, just gives you login info.

I have been doing bpo's for GoodmanDean for over 2  years. Approximately 100 bpo's, Have not received any Reo assignment as a result of  performing the bpo.

Good company to work with but I was under the impression when I signed up that I would Reo listing.



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