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Does the Company I mortgage services Assign REO properties?

Hello everyone,  i started getting bpo assignments from I mortgage services. One good thing is that they pay on time but do they assign reo properties?. I got two properties that are 25 to 26 miles away from my office and i just cannot do that bpo for the $40. I asked to reassign those two bpos. I hope im not closing my doors with them. They are just to far. I did take the initatve to inform them. Any one knows

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I believe they are a bpo mill, I haven't worked for them in about 2 years, but when I was there they were just doing bpo's.  I think I remember they have a sister company who does REO but the two companies don't mix and mingle.  Kind of like First American's REO and their bpo company FARVV.  One has nothing to do with the other and they don't pick agents from the others pool of agents.  In fact I was reading in DS News tonight, one of the ads is from Core Logic and they were boasting how their bpo's are done from agents who aren't trying to get to list the property.


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