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I know it is a little off topic for this site, but just wanted to let some of my fellow agents know about this, as Z-57 is certainly NOT letting people know about this flaw. I'm trying to get some feedback from other agents who have Z-57 Real Estate Websites, who like myself may not know this page exists on their site.  I have two websites with Z-57 and found a place on the site that is literally stealing my leads!  Nobody ever mentioned it to me, even when I called over and over again and swore that something was wrong with their system and I wasn't getting leads!  I wrote a blog post about it in much more detail, but found 50-100 perfectly good, non "spam" leads in this folder!  If you have a site with Z-57, you MUST check this post out!

Here is where this folder is located on your site.  If you go to the "leads" tab, and go to the "search leads" tab, this most likely new folder is located at the bottom.  Again, you MUST check it out, as you'll likely also uncover many leads you didn't know about!

What kind of Real Estate website do you have?

Did you uncover any leads if you have a site with Z-57?

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Lol, one day to late Mike, I just purchased my site today. Is there anything we can do about it?
I have had one for years, now I have to go look....was thinking of cancelling once I found something better due to little lead response....will let you know what I found ....
I had mostly spam, only one lead....I never even saw that page though. Still not happy with my results though. Are you doing seo through them?
Even just one lost lead is not good, especially considering that neither of us knew about this folder! I don't trust any company to do my SEO and insist on doing my own. Its the ONLY way to go.

George, Z-57 is a good "hands off" site. They'll set everything up for you. If you want to take the time to make it more than a simple template type site, you'll have to spend time on it yourself. I've created a couple good Z-57 sites through spending alot of time on them. Their customer service is usually unparalleled in my experience.

Here are my Z-57 sites, I found out I may be the #1 and #2 highest trafficed in the country last year for them:

An exec at Z-57 contacted me yesterday after finding my blogposts and said they would take action to notify agents of this right away on the log in page...

I'll keep you guys updated as to what happens!

Anyone else use Z57?
Now ALL Z-57 sites have been down on the front end for over 24 hours and down completely on the back end for over 48 hours!!

I hope they redeem themselves quickly!


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