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Hello All, 

I have been working with a company called Groundwork recently and they assign driveby inspections - you take a photo of the front, mailbox, street view and answer some questions and the assignment is done. No BPO, no comps, etc. Anyone know of any other companies that do this? I have been searching online but I am coming up empty on searching property inspections, etc. 

Thanks in advance. 

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I do many for Firstam, they pay within 7-10 days.  I prefer them rather than BPOs as the QC procedure takes too much time for BPOs. 

Did you sign up through a site other than the BPO vendor sign up? Thanks!

Do you have a website address to sign up on.

I just sent you a link for signup

Hi Melissa,

Do you know if they have a need in Southern CA. can you provide their contact info.?

Hey you...try Vectra maybe...i did stuff for Groundwork for awhile too

try rels and rrreveiw  Not familiar with groundwork. what is there website address Thanks 

Hi Kerry,

Please provide the sign up information for rels and rrreview.  I would like to see if they have any work here in Houston Texas.  Thanks! and do NOT pay, or, if they do, they tell you they are 90 day turn around.  You will spend more time chasing your money than actually doing work.

they are under at least 1 fed lawsuit  - have all attorney info for that - they are trying for class action

R u talking about

yup firstvaluation and brokerpriceopinion and they have a 3rd name i have forgotten at the moment 

they put out thousands of assignments per day and do not pay


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