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Anybody have experienced with this group. They just asked me to participate in a program with B of A for co-operative short sales. 

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Re/Max is now teaming up with DTS (Dignified Transfer Solutions) and Bank of America for a Short Sale program. In order to be considered for this program you will need to have a couple of real estate (short sale) certifications.

DTS is dignified transition solutions. They do all the processing for BOA on these files.  There is no process to submit a file to this program.  BOA selects them. Most are close to foreclosure sale date. To my knowledge, they are only working with selected REMAX agents in selected offices in areas where they have many preapproved files. I am in Kissimmee, FL. There are few agents in my office participating, including myself.


 There is a back door into the program if you are not a REMAX agent.

I would be very curious to look at this program as most of my business is short sales with a 100% close rate. I have worked foreclosures & shorts for years & I am always looking to expand my business.  Would you be willing to share this info with me? Thanks!

Call me and I will give you the sister company.


 Edward ( Augie ) Augsberger



Can you tell me the backdoor, please?

Not true Desiree, they are working with ALL agents.  They have a list, do a three way connection, and if the agent doesn't answer, they move onto another agent on their list.

Desiree, Mike is correct.  I have established contacts with the company and am very fond of their practices.  In fact, I spoke to one of my contacts today in regard to a short sale they are assisting with and she confirmed that they do assign.

Hi Chris,  I am working my first buyer using DTS services for the short sale.  Do they do what they say?  What kind of timelines do they use for a HAFA approved short sale?  The letter they provided the seller says they provide approvals within 10 business days of receiving the Contract and the Request for Short Sale approval.  They have exceeded this standard.  Do you find them reliable?


Is this a B of A directed program or outsourced to a referring group & then passed on to the Broker?  On the flip side, TS directs B of A assignments to their HRs to collect homeowner data that is then sent back to them. This packet is  pretty much a full short sale packet.   It is my understanding that the HR can not solicit the homeowner for the listing to execute a short sale as the bank has to pre-qualify the owner for a loan mod or short sale.  Some of these homeowners are only 45 days late & not very happy to see you at their door.  So if B of A determines from a review of the packet that a short sale is viable do they move forward by directing these to another group to solicit for the short sale?  Under this system they have a complete prospectus of that homeowner early in the game. Very business savy if you ask me.  Just sayin................

I am dealing with them now. So far I don't have many complaints. They are pretty proactive and the communication has been great. Best of all, they managed to get a FNMA sale date extended.


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