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DTS- Dignified Transition Solutions- BAC -Bank Of America

Hi Guys,


I just received an email to join the network for DTS I am curious if anyone has worked with them? I am always excited to recieve new business opportunities and especially assist clients through tough times. I awould appreciate if someone can shed some more light on this? They also told me there is no charge which is always great! Thank you.

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I work with them also.  They are on the up and up.  They offer you short sale leads mainly from Bank of America. 

Thank you Jim, I am anticipating to see how thie relationship turns out. I appreciate the feed back. I am tired of all the scams.

I've also dealt with them in the past. To be honest, they were great to work with and were great at communicating. I wish you the best!!

Hi Chris, Thank you. May I ask why you don't work with them anymore? Thank you for the comment.

Does anyone know if there are similar companies that you can sign-up with?

Henry, I worked with DTS over a year ago on a short sale that I was handling.  When I initiated the process I was instructed that all communication would go through DTS.  Upon closing that transaction there was no need for me to continue working with them because at the time they were not assigning short sales.  Over the past year BOA has been informing agents of certain brokerages of the partnership and potential for receiving pre-approved short sales from DTS. It appears that it has come full circle and they are beginning to offer the short sales.  I've made a few contacts with the company and intend on following up with them to see if I'd be lucky enough to receive the leads. I would greatly value to chance to work with them again.

Chris, I see. Thanks for clarifying that. I hope that you can figure out a way to get back in. I will inform you guys on how it goes.

They had offered me to join them, but not for the BoA Coop side, but to initiate SS through them which offer:

  1. Proprietary agent portal allowing for streamline short sale eligibility decision in five business day
  2. 2. No fees paid by the agent, the homeowner or the buyer
  3. 3. Receive full commission
  4. DTS is the top vendor for Bank of America, we close more short sales than any other vendor, we are experienced and highly efficient
  5. Account ownership system, specific associate assigned to each file, continuously monitors and clears tasks in the Equator
  6. Live phone coverage 6:30am to 7:30pm PST for status updates or other questions
  7. Preapproved Listing Price without an offer


Should I continue with my sign up?  I think they're trying to get business back to BoA and in return get more business from BoA?   What are your thoughts?

Thank you for sharing that Trong. Keep us posted on how that goes.

Finally!! Yesterday I received a call from DTS expressing the interest to introduce me to their proprietary agent portal. Shortly after I received 2 emails in which I needed to setup my profile within the portal. Regardless what shall come of it, I'm pleased I am being considered and I received the call to set the tone for a possible stellar 2013.

Happy New Year, everyone!! I'm wishing you all the best.

Chris, Congratulations. I wish you lots of luck and success for the coming years. Not a bad way to start 2013!!!


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