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Has anyone done BPO's for eMortgageLogic? Are they a good company to do business with or will I end up chasing my tail?
Phone 502-494-8382

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Number #1 of a few other number 1 companies on my list. *********
Number 1 on your good list or bad list? Looks like your post was "big brothered".
I am not sure if they give out REO's but I am signed up with them and in their system. Also, some of my clients use them for second opinion BPO's.
I have done one BPO for them and really like their system and had it done before deadline. Would like to get more as they pay quickly!
Lots of BPO's they pay every two weeks like clock work. Forms are a little difficult at first. Easy to contact and get questions resolved in a timely manner.
I've done BPOs for them for some time now. They have been good by me.
Great BPO mill!!! Highly recommended, but they do have their favorite agents like the rest of companies out there.
They are a good company to work for along with FARVV...

Funny thing though, they send you out a separate check for each BPO, rather than just one monthly check like FARVV.

Good luck! Mark
Great company to work with. Good luck! I've been working with them for a couple of years now and you have to chase the order's by clicking for them every two minutes, but if you have the time, it's worth it or have one of the office staff keep clicking for them.
Beth Ross
I have done BPOs for them in the past and I was paid on every single order I did for them.
They pay every two weeks, and they are good, but it takes some charming to get assignments from them, I usally get 1 or 2 a monht from them. They already have too many prefered brokers in my area.
Hello Cathy,

I started working with emortgage around a year ago and completed more than 350 BPO's. They pay quickly and on time everytime, great company to work with. The BPO software is user friendly and quality control is just a phone call away. I wish you luck and if you have any questions please feel free to email.


David Knoeb


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