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Has anyone ever dealt with emortgagelogic for bpos?  Do they pay?  How long do you have to wait?  They contacted me to do a few bpos but with the way some of these companies pay i wanted to be sure before I start with them.

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I have done a few over the years - never had a problem with getting paid 30-60 days

I used to years ago. At the beginning they paid $45 for a drive by due in 3 days with a $10 bonus if done within 48 hours and paid within 30-45 days. Then they dropped the bonus and required 48 hour turn on all orders. Then they dropped the fee to $40. That's when I dropped them. Never had a problem getting paid, just won't work for such low fees.

They pay every two weeks been working with them for 4 years

Hello, I have completed a few BPO's for them recently....just taking a chance to... and they pay good.  I received one check within 2 weeks of completing one...

Just completed another one and I received an email mentioning my check was being processed for the second set.  So, so far I have no complaints.

I have been doing BPOs in South Florida for over 4 years. I have 7 companies I do reports for. eMortgage Logic is by far the BEST in paying on time every 2 weeks also the easyest (once you try a few) forms. In some areas there fee is negotiable. A real AAA company. 

Emortgage pays every two weeks. Their fees are always negotiable. You can just reply to the email to negotiate the fee.

They are a good company.  They have always paid me and the wait times for checks is minimal, usually 30 days or less.  They are one of the better BPO companies out there.

They had a Preferred List of Agents that were getting $75 instead of $50 about 3 years ago.  Don't know if they are still doing this.  You have to know their form and how they want it done.

I had done work for them for many years until they dropped their fee to $40.00 and they always paid on time. Very good company.

I've been doing work with them for at least a couple of years and they pay great. They send a check around 15 days after the job is done. Great people to work with! Scott

I was about to ask a similar question. I had done hundreds of BPOs in the past for EML, but for some reason I hadn't recieved any orders since the first of the year. And I thought I had seen somewhere of some postings that people were having trouble getting paid by them. So I had written them off. But lately I have been getting calls and emails from them asking what I would charge to do a BPO that they had available.

I've never had any problems getting paid from them in the past. 

Yeah, I went ahead and accepted a BPO order yesterday from EML. I had received an email as well as a call. I saw on the email that they only paid $40 for a drive by, but the one who called me asked how much I would charge to do the BPO. I told them $50 and they accepted. They were asking if I would do another one for them, but I wanted $75 because the property was at least 50 miles away. They didn't go for that one.
But I was caught off guard on the additional photo requirement. Thank God for Google Earth. I was able to get the "across the street view". Because I wasn't about to drive all the way back out to that house. The street photos were no big deal for me because a few of the other BPO companies want those also. So I'm use to automatically taking those. But that one for the "across the street view" is just plain dumb.


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