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Has anyone done BPO's for eMortgageLogic? Are they a good company to do business with or will I end up chasing my tail?
Phone 502-494-8382

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On my 3rd BPO with emortgage. Platform a little different but ok after you do a couple. PAY WELL!

I've been doing BPO's for this company for years. They pay in a timely manner and the pay is decent as far as BPO's go, easy to work with.

Definately 1 of the best to date

I hjave done BPO's for them. Yes they pay on time and are easy to communicate with.

I get out of the area invitations. Easy form, did receive a call from asset manager agree with my value and explanation. They turned down the short sale offer and went for foreclosure.  That did not lead to any reo listing but I kind got a better feel how the asset managers operate. eMortgage qa is tougher.

I enjoy working with Emortgage they are one of the most efficient companies in the business.


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