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As anyone worked with Chris Curry and his team?

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Not yet,  Any one ?? 

I read about him a few months ago, but did not find any reviews from other agents on his program.

I never bought the system but they had a facebook group for the program I followed for a little while. It looked like to group pretty much died. No one had posted anything new in months which made me wonder about the program in general.

It's like all the rest: "Send me your money and I'll make you rich".

Thanks for your respond.  It was very helpful.  I am so tired of loosing money to these online scam.  Thanks again

It looks like run around to get REO Listings. Is there anyone can tel me how to get REO Listings. Please.

Taghi - As an agent said on another forum, "REOs are a dying business". REOs are for the weak sisters who want an easy, lazy way to get listings. I used to list them. They are a pain in the butt and you better have some cash on hand to pay for utilities and repairs - THEN hold your breath and hope you get reimbursed.

Then there's the weekly driveby to see if there's any damage or if squatters moved in. Then there's the monthly BPO - for free - until it sells. If it does not sell within 6 months, you will do 26 drivebys and 6 BPOs FOR FREE! And the asset manager sends the listing to others.

And the worst part of it is, you are depending on someone else to provide you with business. And when that asset manager gets their panties in a wad about something, they send the business to another agent and your source has gone away. What then?

Man, give up the idea of an easy way to get listings. Get off your butt and go get them. The REO bandwagon is dying. Do not hitch your wagon to a falling star.

Very well said Marvin.

Thank you for your respond. I will do that.

don't waste your money. spoke with agent that signed up and you have to keep paying everymonth- not worth it leads are from banker and tradesman

Just remember that no lead is exclusive. Buyers and sellers sign up on multiple websites. Your chances of getting to them first are very slim by the time you get the "lead". The best leads are the ones you develop yourself from your own network and advertising.

CECE - You are right on!!!!


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