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I had an email this morning of an available BPO order from this company. I'm not sure who they were before. I looked them up on BuzzFile. Small company based out of Irving TX that does just under $160,000 annually and employs 2 people.  

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Entra has an amazingly similar description to Valuation Vision. 2 employees. 7 years. Different principal and location. Thanks for the tip about Buzzfeed. . 

Do you have any experience working with them?

Did you end up working with them?

Did one for them 2 1/2 months ago. Still haven't been paid. I was just googling them to try to find contact info to ask where my money is when I ran across this post and figured I'd maybe save someone else from getting ripped off.

BTW, if anyone has an email or phone number for them please post so I can contact them.

7505 Irvine Center Drive
Irvine, CA 92618   address looks familiar!


They are using the Qundis platform.

this is why I luv this site!!!!!!!!! Just got a request from them - delete, delete, delete and tag as spam ;-)

I did one for them and was paid in 30 days.  


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