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Has anyone paid to use this?  Is anyone getting any listings from this?  It seems to me most lenders using equator already have an agent network so getting a listing seems unlikely.

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I hate to say it but I took the bait on this because it was like 199.00  and you receive REO notices

Well I have been doing REO for 25 years now and they even had sent some notifications about a condo rite behind my office , and I still got nothing , FYI I dont even answer them when they send the notifications any more COMPLETE SCAM

just buy a couple zip codes in your area and thats all you need

Bought it at a discount in Sep 2016. I've been answering the alerts relentlessly but so far it resulted in nothing... 

Hi Gene, Hi Steve, are you still receiving the REO Alert emails from Equator?  I stopped receiving them in August of last year (2017) is why I am asking.

I was a sucker,,paid for the Equator Certifications for REO and Short Sale,,way back when I was new to the REO business, I thought I would get listings and I paid for several zip codes in my area. That was 10 yrs ago and in that time, I have not received 1, nada, zip, from them whatsoever. These people should be sued!!! Duping many,many agents out of their hard earned money.


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