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This is just FYI for anyone who still has an account with Equator. IF you do not wish to renew after each year; then you need to find the tiny little renewal icon at the bottom of your profile page and turn it off. If not, wasted money if you live in an area with few foreclosures and little likelihood of ever getting a listing.. The annual fee and buying some zip codes garnered NOTHING in one year! And I turned off the renewal icon as soon as the charge came up on my credit card app. Called the company immediately and said I did not want to renew. Sorry, they said. And that was it. No consideration at all. It is no wonder Altisource has such a terrible reputation. So, be careful if you still have an Equator account that you do not want to renew. Find that icon at the very bottom of the page because the company will surely not tell you that!

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I canceled also as there are hardly any REO properties here in Polk County area except some HUD properties that are going to a single preferred agent.


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