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Before I sign up...anybody heard of Estreet Asset Management?

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I received this info and so did my business partner yesterday.

" I found your information on REO Network and I was contacting you because we are starting to take on BPO work in Georgia.  We are trying to get some agents set up beforehand, and I wanted to see if you would be interested in working with us"?

I emailed back to see what they pay and the reply was $50 Exterior and $75 Interior.  They did state that those fees aren't set and they are willing to work with you on your fees. Not as bad as some. I am not as busy now as in the past.  I think I will wait to see how they pay 1st.  They say they compensate vendors within 45 days of receipt of the BPO.

Did anyone sign up with this company?  How is it going?  Should I try to get setup with them??  Feedback?


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