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Warning to BPO professionals. This company does not pay for the BPOs it
orders from hard working agents. They also do not respond to emails.
Shame on me for not checking them out in advance but they appear in most
BPO company lists. I've done 7 BPOs for this company dating back to
January 2010 and have yet to see a check.

If anyone else has had problems with this company post here so others
are warned. Thank you for your time.

Edgar Levin
Chicago, Illinois

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I had completed 17 bpo's for eval when I saw the negative press. I have not completed one since reading this thread and others. It has been since may of 09 and I. Haven't gotten paid for any work I have done. I have send over 30 emails to vendor support and others in the company. After reading a post here that had contact #'s I finally spoke to someone relevamt today. They assured me that a check was made and sent and will be there next week. I will let you know if arrives and if it is for the correct amount. I will not do anymore orders for this company. They pay the least, demand quick return times, are really annoying. And THEY DONT PAY REALTORS. . I would like to contact the banks that keep sending them orders to let them know about their payment issues. When I questioned them about the delays. The response was "we are a slow paying company". " We try to maintain a 45 day turn around, but that doenst always work". Based on the postings here I would say they are crooks. Does anyone know which banks send them work????
Good for you not working with this company any longer. You may want to re-think however trying to locate and contact the lenders/asset managers who continue their relationship with Eval. Might end up in a lawsuit should Eval know who the entities are that are complaining to their clients.

The best thing to do is exactly what you're doing. Move on to better, reputable companies.
hey david - interesting to read all of these posts after starting the thread in may. i agree with marianne regarding not accepting their work anymore. that's what i'm doing in order to avoid the aggravation. i still get their emails and solicitations but ignore them.

fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice shame on me, right? have a great weekend. eddie
They told me after they mailed my check out 2-3 days ago that the it came back. I DO NOT BELIEVE THIS FOR 1 MOMENT AS THE ADDRESS WAS CORRECT...They will try anything to not pay. If we needed to know what banks use them this info may be in the Tax Records. Which would tell you what bank owns the mortgage.
Thanks to everyone for the great advice. I will post again when I get the check. It is great to see a forum like this, where everyone stciks together and shares ideas.
Hi Edgar,
I just did two for them. I will check back if they paid me, I am in California. They are very demanding too. everything needs to be the way they wanted or they will send it back to fix it. should i continue!?
hey rosie - i stopped accepting orders from them. while i hate to turn down work and potential leads it just wasn't worth the hassle.
Thanks for your reply, Edgar
I finally got my check yesterday and deposited it today... I hope it After countless emails with no human contact I was finally able to speak with someone on the phone.. One of the persons was: Jamie Jones
Manager of Operations
eValuation Solutions, LLC
904.288.2057 Direct
email: I hope this helps anyone who has not gotten paid. They assured me that they pay everyone it just takes a long time.....
Well that is the advise and contact I gave earlier...I recieved my check finally....All that work paid off.....
I received my check in July. I should've posted earlier, somehow I thought I had. Anyway, I contacted Lorie Carter Her title is Administrative Assistant. She was able to assist with following up with accounting and within a week I was paid.
When it had been 60 Days after the last group of BPO's that I had completed in early May. I emailed one of the people that I have worked with in the past. She escalated my payment request to Accounting. 2 weeks, 3 weeks...I finally did get an e-mail from Accounting stating that they had received my payment request and would send an email once they had written a check.

Each time I would get a call or e-mail for a BPO, I would tell them the same thing. Until you can tell me that Accounting has written me a check, I'm sorry I'd love to help you out...but I'm having trouble getting paid for the work I have already done and my payment is now over 60 days overdue.

One day I had a call from one of their folks and he e-mailed Jamie, their manager. I also received a CC of the email Jamie sent to Accounting. I sent Jamie an email asking if they knew the damage being done to their Company by the problems highlighted in this forum. I asked for someone from their company to come here to the REOPRO message board and read and respond.

I did get a check in the mail this week for the full amount that they owed me. But, we really should not have to go through that each time to get paid!


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