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Warning to BPO professionals. This company does not pay for the BPOs it
orders from hard working agents. They also do not respond to emails.
Shame on me for not checking them out in advance but they appear in most
BPO company lists. I've done 7 BPOs for this company dating back to
January 2010 and have yet to see a check.

If anyone else has had problems with this company post here so others
are warned. Thank you for your time.

Edgar Levin
Chicago, Illinois

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I received an e-mail from them this morning stating that they had issued me a check! I had e-mailed one of the
"Senior Evaluators" that I had done BPOs for in the past. She had followed up with their Accounting Department
and gave me this e-mail to follow up with:

I'll let you know if the check ever shows up

Dan Hughson
Keller Williams Realty
Coeur d'Alene, ID
yeah i sent to the same vendor inquiry address and never heard anything. i also received an email this morning after this post and the guy said my emails were going into his spam and he was checking on my check. i told him there's nothing to look into just send the money. haven't heard back yet.

Sure enough, a check showed up at the office today. Check was dated 5/5 and mailed from FL to ID. It covered everything that I had done for them Dec - March.

Dan Hughson
i'm jealous. still waiting for mine........

Sent an e-mail to the person that had given me the email and had followed up with Accounting on my behalf, letting her know that I had in fact gotten a check.

She said, "Hey Dan no problem payment is supposed to be within 45 days after completion".

For sure you will wait for a long time to see your check.
You will have to spend a lot of time on email and phone to request the payment.
The all together protocol can take months before to be paid.
The site is very complex to complete and they have added task to be more difficult.
I don't mind that if fees are paid in a decent time and justified with the work requested.
I believe we see BPO as BPO.
But actually there are BPO and BPO.
The more task requested and searches requested to complete the order
make a standard BPO to a complete and totally different task.
Another concern for Evalonline is the timeframe as they call you in the afternoon
and order should be completed by next day noon their time.
BrokerPriceOpinion is the same way... Long time to be paid, unlimited request to be paid
Too bad because I was enjoying to do commercial valuations for them.
I am still open to work for them, but I request payment before to start the order.
So far I have received nothing !
They will pay, but after tons of calls to the head of management. They paid me, but still have about 10+++ orders with no payments. Every time they email, I'm trying to email links with forums like this. I've stop taking their orders for many reasons: forms are long, they are bpo mill, timeline is bad, QT is to hard, and NO PAY. Would you accept after that?????? unless there is no other things to be done like showings prospecting appointments or bpos for companies with great reputation.
What is shocking me that they have thousands of orders and how in the world they getting them with that kind of reputation.
I completed a few BPOs for them in 2008 and received payment after several e-mails. There's an ongoing 3 year old thread about this company at and payment issues.
Good morning all,

I too fell into the trap of not getting paid. However, I took it a step further and sent a certified letter with invoice to the CEO directly. "Bryan Guckavan", requesting payment immediately or additional charges would be sent for delinquent payments.
Within 10 days received my check for 15 orders.
They still email with orders but I just delete them as fast as they arrive.
I have yet to be paid also. One BPO was about 4-5 weeks ago and the other was within the last 2 weeks. Thanks for the heads up. I might just pass on the next ones offered. Their 24 hr time line is a little nerve wracking when you are an active Realtor.

Jo Ann Lowe
Caldwell, Idaho
Hello Edgar, I just got paid for a two year invoice because I threatened to turn them into the Better Business Bureau. We had a similar thread on Linked in and one of the agents sent it to Evalonline and several agents got paid because of this. They do pay but the point is why should you have to threaten in order to get paid for something you put honest effort into. I still get calls from them and I just ignore it. I put my time to better use. But, -please pass the word about this company. We should have our own credit bureau and give them a score, which would turn out to be below 500 for delinquent pay.
the check finally arrived today after many emails, phone calls and messages to their people. i'm now happy to announce they are officially off my BPO list and out of my life. oh wait, i better wait till the check clears. thanks to all for confirming my thoughts on this company.

eddie levin


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