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Warning to BPO professionals. This company does not pay for the BPOs it
orders from hard working agents. They also do not respond to emails.
Shame on me for not checking them out in advance but they appear in most
BPO company lists. I've done 7 BPOs for this company dating back to
January 2010 and have yet to see a check.

If anyone else has had problems with this company post here so others
are warned. Thank you for your time.

Edgar Levin
Chicago, Illinois

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Thank you Dan. AND thank you Jesse for putting us all in touch. REOPro is turning out to be a pretty powerful sight. I hope to post some positive news soon.
I am having the same issue. I did 9 orders. They only acknowledge 5 of them and have not paid 1. I have never been paid. My first order was in April. They say it was May 9th. I inquired in July about payment and they advised 45 days. Today, I spoke with Emily at 904-425-1300 EXTENTION 176. (without an extention number you will never reach anybody) She said it would be another 5 days for accounting to respond. I am not feeling hopeful. How can we get a company in Florida to pay agents in other states?? I get request for orders all the time but have not done any work since July. I left their valuation specialist know their company does not pay each time. Their employees placing the orders must know by now they dont pay?? Any suggestions on how to collect

All I can say is make sure you invoice them with all the order ID#'s. Don't do any more reports for them. I still get rush orders emailed and phone calls. I just tell them to please take me off their email blasts and please not to call anymore requesting help with their orders. I know that some companies are paid $100 for an exterior of which you might make $40-$50. Eventually, if agents stop working with them, the asset managers will figure it out that this company cannot perform and they'll be dropped. I would recommend only working with those companies that have a good reputation. Clear Capital, UTLS, RRReview, Corelogic, etc. Google the companies, you'll find a plethera of information online about each one, then go from there.
Good luck
This is very simple. These guys need to be taken out of the game and the way to do it is to hound them and once you are fully paid, accept all orders and do not do them. They will then not meet deadlines with the lenders and the lenders will go elsewhere to the quality places.
I understand your frustration but two wrongs don't make a right. My integrity is of the utmost importance and I will not lie. I will however send emails to all my REO Contacts and lenders to boycott this company if they don't correct this issue and show some integrity.
Again, Thanks ALL for the information.

Recently I have been hounded to work for this "bpo mill" and found no value in going forward with BPO services because of this post. I do not appreciate companies that DO NOT maintain professional relationships w/ their clients. Enough said.

Great post.

Denise Stovall
Northern California, San Francisco Bay Area
I have done several BPOs for Evaluation Solutions from May, 2010 through July, 2010 and they aren't paying. I've tried emailing, calling, etc. repeatedly. Mostly no response. No response at all to emails, but when they call me for new orders I decline and explain why I won't take any more orders from them. They solicit me constantly to perform orders for them. The last person I spoke to said that they pay their vendors between 60 to 90 days after they get paid from the customer. From what I've seen on other forums, this is a pattern for them.
BEST advice I found was on here... Call the phone numbers provided and email the people that are listed. You will get paid. I have not accepted one BPO with Eval since I had to go through this painful process of getting my check. It is really unfortunate since they seems to call me on average 5-6 times per week with new orders. The other companies who are more reliable have sent me any orders in a while...
I stopped doing business with them about a year ago.
I filed a complaint letter to the Attorney General in Florida and copied my AG here in Texas about Evalonline and their practice of not paying agents for doing BPOs. Another company not to do business with is BrokerPriceOpinion, they don't pay either.
Oh I have to tell you I bugged Broker price Opinion until finally I got a check for 17 bpos dating from Jan09- Apr10. They told me I'd have more soon. What a hassle. I will be filing a complaint in Ohio if I don't get paid soon from Evalonline!
Hi Edgar,

I completed 6 rush orders, 1 in March and 5 in May, and haven't been paid for any of them even after repeated calls and emails. They still call to see if I'm willing to take a new rush order and I let them know that I cannot accept orders from companies that don't pay. It might be worth a trip to FL.


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