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Warning to BPO professionals. This company does not pay for the BPOs it
orders from hard working agents. They also do not respond to emails.
Shame on me for not checking them out in advance but they appear in most
BPO company lists. I've done 7 BPOs for this company dating back to
January 2010 and have yet to see a check.

If anyone else has had problems with this company post here so others
are warned. Thank you for your time.

Edgar Levin
Chicago, Illinois

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I just happened on this site while trying to get online through google as I was having trouble with Internet explorer. I can't believe I never questioned their integrity. I am suppose to do one right but I have been calling for past 2 weeks to see when I am getting paid for the 16 orders I've done dating back to 2008 ( I know my fault for not following up but as a full time agent I only do bpos as time permits and just recently realized they never paid me.) A supervisor is suppose to contact me by email. We'll see. I just told them I won't be doing anymore until I'm paid.
Linda Youmans
I just received my check yesterday for 9 orders after months and months of writing and calling... my work dated back to February of this year as well. I do not understand how they can continue to get away with this, and if they do not pay us the quality of reports will continue to go down. Plus their deadlines are ridiculous. I was working on a report and my contact for the order would not stop calling me the whole time. I finally got upset and told her to quit bugging me so I could actual finish the report!
I never will do any BPO for them again after my bad experiences with them.

They still have not paid for all the BPO's that I did for them in 2009 .


I got paid for 40 orders at the time already twice.  The first check took me a couple of months of calls an emails  but for the second check that I got 2 weeks ago it got process in 1 week after one email.

It was a nicely surprise

I hope they continue like that.

After waiting for several months and harassing everyone I could find I did get paid. The check cleared and they're caught up with me now.  Persistance worked....

So, because I like to do things I am not supposed to do, just to see if I can, I have tried to sign up with these people.  I filled out the application on line and did the territories and all that, but have yet to receive a solicitation for an order.  I called their office and I always get a voicemail saying to press this for that or press whatever to repeat the options, of which there was only ONE!  So I pressed random keys until I got somebody's voicemail. I left him two messages.  No response.  I have emailed their vendor and client support multiple times, yet NOBODY responds to me.  Can anyone give some insight?

I didn't get orders inmediately , they took a while a few months for one order and  two months later a second order, then, now I get quiet a few  orders.  they usually call you or email you to ask you if you want to do an order. Their orders are always due the next day 2:00pmEST and Interiors the same day of access.



Yep, did that too.  EVERYTHING is upoloaded

Hi Edgar , is this the same as  ? I 've been registered wit them for a few years and  only one bpo was assigned more than a year ago .... thanks 

Juan V. 


Evalonline owes me money too. I think I did 7 orders for them also back in 2009. They still want to send me orders. But when I told them about the money they owe me, they said they will check with the accounting department. Never heard back from them. Bad company!!!! Don't fall for their sweet talk.
They will pay but it is get your not give up.  They owed us lots of money and we have collected all the old just have to be patient...ask for the bookeeper...realize they pay slow...but they do pay!


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