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Warning to BPO professionals. This company does not pay for the BPOs it
orders from hard working agents. They also do not respond to emails.
Shame on me for not checking them out in advance but they appear in most
BPO company lists. I've done 7 BPOs for this company dating back to
January 2010 and have yet to see a check.

If anyone else has had problems with this company post here so others
are warned. Thank you for your time.

Edgar Levin
Chicago, Illinois

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I've had problems with non payment too.  It only took two BPO's though.  I hope they sleep well at night.
Call and ask for the will get your money....takes patience...they do pay...



thanks to your advice guys I have finally received a $2335.00 check for all the BPO's that I have completed for Evalonline and had the worst hard time getting paid.  I have contacted
Lorie Carter
Administrative Assistant
Evaluation Solutions
Main #904-288-2004 ext.113
Direct #904-288-2013
12276 San Jose Blvd. Ste. 521
Jacksonville, FL  32223


She was very responsive. I did need to threat them to file a mechanic lien on all of the properties that I did BPO's on (which I was ready to do) and that seemed to have worked well. I also put in email title:Unpaid BPOs- possible mechanical lien on all properties that BPO was done and not paid for.  

I  expressed how frustrated I was, since  I haven't been paid since June of last year for orders dating back to March and on, while your company claims to have a turnaround of 45-90 days. I also told them that I was just a step away from following my attorney's advice to file liens on all properties that I have completed BPO's and I haven't got paid.


Good luck! 
Had someone from my office contact Lori and she sent out the check with in the week !!
My experience with Evalonline is also negative. I have done five orders for them, only get paid 2. That's after a lot of waiting, calling and emailing. It's not worth it. The form is the most difficult one too. I definitely do not recommend anyone to do their work.
They call you in all kinds of hurry and them they say I must have this done can you get it done in the next two hours. Or I have a desk top order can you do this like now. I have tried to help them but found that just when you are about to hit the complete button they all of a sudden take it away from you. It appears as if they are getting the information and then taking it away so they do not have to pay you. I now decline to work with them I respectfully decline

From what I understand, you need to invoice them..I did 3 BPOs as an experiment and am trying to send invoices...I'll let you know...

Maxine Robbins

The Keyes Company

As bad publicity the company gets when I access the Better Business Bureau, it shows only 1 compliant on file not 79 ...

They must have lost bulk order from my area, as I used to get email after email and calls beg me to take one and have it done in a few hours... This year I rec'd 2 requests since new year.

Either that or they probably got some other starving agent to accept order from them.

I'm not starving (at the moment), and I just can't believe that a company that is in active business has a complete lack of integrity. 

To that end, I have emailed the owner and asked him to respond to me, before I take further action. 

I'm not concerned about the money, but it will be nice to get paid.  I am more concerned about a resposibility that I bare to be of service to consumers and fellow professional Realtors®.  I feel a responsibility to work to elevate our occupation to professional status and industry people who lack integrity hurt us all and consumers.  If one of us loses, we all lose...if we want to win, we all need to help each other win.

I will contact the office for the Attorney General of Florida, Pam Bondi, if I get no response.  I can only imagine the shenanigans Evaluation Solutions is up to, if this is how they treat us, so I am going to assume there is an error and all will be cleaned up.  I'll let you know... 

Hey Everyone!  I found a solution to getting paid for BPO's that you've completed for Evaluation Solutions!

Send an email to EVERYONE on this list...


CEO Bryan Guckavan 904-288-2004x 101

Jamien Derrence VP 904 288-2004x 011

Jamie Jones OPS MANAGER 904-288-2004x 167 

Melissa Rivers ACCOUNTS PAYABLE 904-288-2004x 144


These email addresses DO work!  Email EVERYONE on this list, and you'll get a response...QUICKLY!

I had about $985 of outstanding BPO payments due dating back about 14 months, and I sent this on Thursday of last week and Melissa Rivers got back to me on Friday morning, stating that the check would be sent out in 5 days.

Haven't got it yet, but it's only been 3 days.  I'll let you know IF I get paid!

Thanks, and good luck!

Jim Mitchell

Century 21 All Star, REALTORS

the proper contact info is


Grant it they don't pay ontime, and they want it now. So when I wait about 60 days I email them, and I recieve payment. They just need to be nudged all the time, just like REM.

If you email this person you will get paid



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