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Has anyone done any BPO work for this company and been paid? I completed several BPO's over 2 months ago and have NOT been paid. I emailed and called the company and haven't gotten a response!!

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Scott, you should read all of the threads on this site about Evaluation Solutions. On average, it takes about a year to get paid for BPO's. I just got paid for BPO's I completed May 2010. It takes numerous emails and phone calls to get your check. But by next year at this time you might have the check for those BPO's! Completing BPO's for them is like doing volunteer work. They have been treating agents this way for years and generally it's the new agents who do their BPO's. Everyone else knows to stay away.
Me Too!  I can't believe these people! How do they stay in business!? They called me all frantic to do a BPO in 24 hour rush and I checked my records and pointed out that I had over $200 outstanding since 5 months ago and she transferred me to accounting and they said "oh yes, we see we have an outstanding invoice, we will mail the check out right away" but did I get the frickin' check?  No. No more No more will I ever turn the key in my ignition to play this stupid game with them!
I did one BPO for these guys a very long time ago.  It took me almost a year to get paid.  Frankly it wasn't worth it and I just pass on any they want me to do.  Some other idiot can chase the money.  Do yourself a favor and don't take any assigments from them.  Ever wonder why they are the only ones that CALL you to ask you to do BPOs?

I do BPO's for them, I had the same problem you are having about a year ago. I hadn't been paid in over a year! I eventually had to contact the President of the Company and I was paid. They have been pretty darn good since then but you DO have to stay on top of them. Try sending your payment inquiries to the following address,,,



I took me between 6-8 months to get paid
Yes, I do lots of work for them.  Email accounts payable and CC and you will get paid.
I did 2300 in bpos in 2009 for Eval and at the end of the yr  I noticed I had not received one check.  My assistant didn't keep up w/ it. I called and w/in 2 wks I had the full amount.  It all went to pay towards my taxes, and I wasn't sure what to feel as the big check was very nice but also someone else used my money for a yr.  I ended up thankful I had the larger check.  However I had two bpo companies file bankruptcy that yr and I lost over 800.00   I just deducted it. 
I have encountered the same problem and after 7 months finally got full payment. I will not be too anxious to work for them anymore. I sent them emails directed to "vendor inquiry" stating the account #s that I had completed(5) & not been paid on and also everything time one of their people would call me asking if I could help them with a bpo, I would tell them ,that I would be glad to if they could help me get paid for the ones I had already completed, until then I would have to decline. A couple of them did sent in enquiries for me. Good Luck!

I have worked for them in the past. And I can honestly say that I have been paid by them. It requrires calling colloging and down right begging to get your money. And that is the reason why I choose not to go back . Here is the info and the names of the people to get your money. 

CEO bryan guckavan bguckavan@... 904-288-2004x 101

jamien derrence VP jamiend@... 904 288-2004x 011

jamie jones OPS MANAGER jamie.jones@... 904-288-2004x 167

Melissa Rivers ACCOUNTS PAYABLE mrivers@... 904-288-2004x 144

2 months is nothing.  I realized I hadn't been paid in over 6 months.  I was eventually paid in full (I think) after complaining to every one of their employees who sent BPO requests and turning them down.  I no longer take their orders.  My reply to their urgent email is that they can send me payment in advance.  Eval has lots of these postings everywhere. 
It took me about 8 months to get paid by them, and I have to threaten them with an attorney and anything else I could think of to get my money. I would not do business with them.

If I could give ANY piece of advice to an agent getting acquainted with the world of BPO's, it would be to run far, far away from Eval and don't look back!  Yes, the desperate sounding emails begging for rush orders are enticing, but after my first 20+ BPO's came and went, and 6 months passed, and several phone calls were put in, and then ANOTHER 6 months passed,(with yet another 10 calls put in), I knew I had to play hardball.  I went on my State's website and filled out a Contractor's Lein for each address that I did a BPO on (no, I didn't actually go down and file any of was just for a scare tactic), and I attached them all to one email that simply stated:  "Dear Mr. Guckavan,  Please let this be your final warning after 13 months of waiting, and over 15 phone calls put into your office with NO returned call: if I do not get my payment within 7 days, I will have no choice but to go to my county building and file these 22 mechanic leins on each home that I completed a BPO for. Thank you for your time."

And guess what? That e-mail was on a Tuesday evening, and I received an over-night FedEx on the following Thursday morning with a check for each individual BPO....and what's even better, I even got 3 checks that I was not expecting, because 3 prior BPO's came back around, say, 6am with errors that needed fixing, and they told me that I had ONE HOUR to fix my errors.  Well, I was either sleeping or driving to the office during their pitiful one-hour time limit they gave me, so I thought those ones were down the drain...but nope, I got paid for those too :)

I'm not telling you to do this, some people may think it's ridiculous....but, like I said, I wouldn't direct my worst enemy to this literally have to go through hell and back to get your money.  Work for them at your own risk.....



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